Please review before April 10 if possible. It's for a school assignment.

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Please review my site. It is an assignment for college. Part of the assignment is to be evaluated by non-academic peers or professionals.

The site is not completed yet and most links are not activated. We are primarily interested in the effectiveness of the main page to attract potential customers.

Thank you for your time.

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The site looks rather amateurish, which might be a suitable strategy for a site like this. You might want it to look like a small operation and in that case a super sophisticated design isn't necessarily appropriate.

In this case I think the design could be improved regardless. The colours are kind of garish and don't align well with the subject. I would go with something less saturated, maybe pulling colours from the main photo.

The bevel on the top header is way too much - that needs to go. Also try using a more interesting font for the site title. Something more traditional looking (serif or script) would be appropriate here.

Try to avoid centering text. It makes things hard to read because the eye has to jump back and forth to find the start of the next line.

If you are located in Canada, why are your prices in US dollars? If you're trying to sell to both markets, it would be good to list prices in both currencies.

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Site needs some more attention.. it looks like it is just carved from html .. very simple make it more better buddy..

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Looks very simply -its no good.
If you want sell something, you need interested buyers.

usability ~ 0

Change desigh.

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