By participating in the forums you are acknowledging that you have read and agree to ALL of the formalities below.

How to Report a Problem or Get Help

If you come across any violations to these guidelines, use our contact form to send a message to forum administrators. Please do not hesitate to contact a moderator or administrator if you have any problem with our policies or the actions of other member. Moderators and administrators have badges under their avatars indicating their positions in the forum.

Advertising and Links

Not Allowed

  • You may not post advertisements throughout the forums. This includes new threads and replies to existing threads.
  • You may not post affiliate links anywhere in the forums. This includes using a redirect service to mask an affiliate link.
  • You may not post a response to another user suggesting that they visit your site or employ you for a paid service. (Offering to volunteer for free is okay).
  • You may not post articles or parts of articles copied from another site. You may use articles as a starting point for discussion. In this case, please link to the article rather than copying and pasting the content and include some provocative questions for the community. 
  • You may not link to your site from within a post for self promotional purposes. For example, linking certain anchor text within your post to a page on your site. If you are asking for help with a problem on your site it is acceptable (and encouraged!) to include a link.
  • You may not use the PM system or user email contacts to spam members
  • You may not register multiple accounts for the purposes of spamming.
  • You may not re-register under a new name to get around certain posting restrictions or disciplinary actions. Such memberships will be immediately revoked.
  • You may not edit  your posts at a later date to add in links, or to replace links that were removed by moderators.

The latter four items are considered to be serious offenses and will result in an immediate ban.


  • You may post an advertisement in the Market Place if you qualify for the minimum post limits listed below.
  • You may use your signature to let others know about your site but may not actively point users to your signature and ask that they visit your links. More signature regulations are listed below.
  • If you own a website that has **information** that is directly related to the topic being discussed, you are allowed to post a link to the portion of your site that discusses the topic. This may be an article or tutorial you wrote on a certain technique, for example. We will be selective about what is allowed in this case. If moderators feel that you are only attempting to promote yourself, and not to genuinely help the other members or answer a question, your post will be deleted.

Market Place and Critiques Forums

Because of the potential for absue and past experience with spamming we have placed some posting limits on the Market Place and Website Critique Forums. The limits are as follows:

  • Website Critique Area - minimum 4 posts; must review other websites before posting
  • Market Place
    • Help Wanted - no limits; must be actual "help wanted" requests, not services offered or other promotions
    • Link Exchanges - minimum 15 posts and 7 days registered
    • Domain Names and Websites for Sale - minimum 15 posts and 7 days registered
    • Services and Special Offers - minimum 25 posts and 7 days registered; must maintain participation the forum to continue posting here.

In addition:

  • You may not post a large number of short, unhelpful, repetitive, or otherwise useless posts in order to quality for the Market Place limits. This is spamming. If our moderators determine this to be the case, posts will be removed without notice.
  • You may respond to other offers in forums where you do not have the required post counts.
  • You may not post your advertisement as a response to another offer when you do not qualify to post your own topic.


  • Signatures should not be excessive in length. (maximum of 3 lines of 65 characters) 
  • You may include links that lead to your site(s) or a product page (see below policy on links).
  • You may not include links to your Market Place thread(s), links that contain Affiliate Ids, or "Donate $$$ to me" links
  • You may NOT use graphics in your signature.
  • You may use html in your signature within reason. You may NOT use a font size larger than the default or more than 3 different font colours.
  • You may NOT include spam links that are only there for search engines and not for humans.

All signature links on this forum are nofollowed This means that they won't pass any value to search engines. If you are only here to spam your signature links, please don't bother.

In addition, signatures will not be displayed on very short posts. If you are wondering why your signature didn't show up it's probably because your post wasn't long enough.

You may NOT enter a signature link inside your post to get around either of the above restrictions. Such links will be removed. Also, you may NOT quote sections of another post to make your post long enough to quality for the limit. In this case, quoted sections will be removed.

Repeated violations of these rules, or attempts to manipulate our policies by inserting links in other ways, will result in being banned from the forums.

Personal Behaviour

Personal attacks on other members will not be tolerated. You are free to challenge others' points of view and opinions, but do so respectfully and thoughtfully without insult and personal attack. Posts containing name calling or other attacks will be deleted. Similarly, discussions that become overly heated or hostile in tone may be closed or removed.

Links in Posts, Signatures, and Profiles

Links to "bad neighbourhoods" are not allowed in forum posts, signatures or profiles. This includes, but is not limited to pornography, penile enlargement aids, casino gambling or pharmaceutical sales sites, link farms, splogs, and sites that have been banned from search engines. We are doing this partly to protect our visitors but also to protect our site from being associated with bad neighbourhoods and therefore hurting our own link value.

We may also remove links that have keywords rather than a human-centered description as the target text. If it looks like something that might show up in blog spam it is probably not allowed and will be removed by moderators. Links from forums do not carry very much link value in the first place. It is probably not worth your while to attempt to manipulate your links from this forum to get higher search engine rankings.

No Offensive Content

Explicit, obscene or vulgar language, graphics or behavior will not be tolerated at TWF. Discussion forum posts that contain such material or link to sites that contain such material will be immediately removed. This includes, but is not limited to, pornography, illegal drugs, and any racist, X-rated, or otherwise offensive content.

Any post containing material in violation of this rule or linking to a site in violation of this rule will be immediately deleted and the user will be disciplined immediately. If you genuinely need help with an adult website you are developing, please DO NOT link to your site. You may try to replicate the problem on a clean domain or describe it in as much detail as possible.

TWF may be more broad than other communities in our definition of offensive material. If you have any doubts about whether your post or site may violate these guidelines, please ask a moderator before posting.


Avatars are small images that can be included in your user profile. The images are a privilege that the administrators of TWF have allowed. Avatars can be, at the sole discretion of the TWF administrators, be removed from the community temporarily or permanently. Avatars are images that are meant to reflect on your personality in some way. All avatar images must be no larger than 80 X 80 pixels. Animated images are not permitted. Avatars fall under the same guidelines as printed text and must comply with those guidelines.

Duplicate Posts

Do not post the same topic more than once. Duplicate discussions will be deleted. If you do not know where your post belongs, either ask a moderator or post the post once in the forum you feel it best belongs in. A moderator will then move the post if it belongs in another forum.

Copyrighted Information

You may NOT post content that has been copied and pasted from another source. This includes full articles, sections of articles, any other content from another site, and content posted by others on these forums. Content that has been posted on a large number of other forums (e.g. 8 or more) is also included.

Any content found to be copied from another source will be removed. If you would like to discuss an article from another site, please post a link to it and ask questions. You may post excerpts from articles for the purposes of discussion.

The Webmaster Forums shall not be held responsible for member-posted information that may violate copyright law. Material found to be copyrighted will be removed by moderators.


Repeated violations of these guidelines will be dealt with by the administrator. The punishment involved depends on the offense(s) and other posting activity of the member. If, for example, the member involved attempts to participate in forum discussions without breaking rules, we will be more lenient. In this case, members will either receive a warning message or be placed in a probationary users group that restricts permissions in the forums. Members who do not attempt to make meaningful contributions to the forum will be banned without warning. Severe violations, including posting X-rated material, spamming by private message or personal contact forms, and regsitering multiple accounts will result in an immediate ban.

There is no excuse for repeatedly violating the TWF guidelines. As always, the moderation team is available if you have any questions about what is and is not allowed.

Private messaging and email

Members are expected to check and read private messages. TWF Staff will use private messaging to communicate important warnings and policy information such as enforcement procedures.

Republishing Your Words

We may reference your posts throughout the TWF/A Padded Cell network and use discussion topics for the basis of new articles and features. We also reserve the right to quote your discussion forum posts in articles, throughout the site, and in TWF promotions. When republishing your quotes for wide distribution, we will identify you only by your TWF member name. Sites posted in the Critiques forum may also be used as illustrations in design articles.

We promise to be sensitive in this effort. We will not republish anything you write that we think could be deemed personally endangering, inflammatory or embarrassing to you without your consent.

Personal Information and Cookies

Within these forums, we collect personal information including your email address, and we log your IP address for all activity. This information will not be sold or rented to any third party entity. The community software uses cookies to track certain information including read posts, forums, and, at your option, to log you into the software automatically. In order to protect you, all email addresses are verified before registration is finalized.

The Very Legal Fine Print

The Webmaster Forums or its assigned agents also reserves the right to prohibit or delete discussions that are thought to violate applicable law or that may be harmful to other members, the sites that comprise The Webmaster Forums, or the rights of The Webmaster Forums or others. That said, The Webmaster Forums does not have the practical ability to restrict conduct or communications that might violate these Guidelines or the Terms of Service prior to transmission on AOL or the Web, nor can we ensure prompt removal of offending discussion forum posts.

The Webmaster Forums is a private forum that is open to the public. The public is allowed to and encouraged to post comments to invoke discussion. However, because this is a private forum, we may ultimately censor any posts made if we choose to do so. The Webmaster Forums has quite strict guidelines for acceptable content. Posts or links to sites containing offensive material may be removed by the moderation team. By posting, you are subjecting your post to these guidelines.

In addition, the Webmaster Forums reserves the right to change these regulations at any time. Members are expected to be aware of any changes and follow the rules and guidelines at all times.

Last Updated: January 24, 2009