Alternative to Ms sql server 2005 express edition

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Hello Everyone,

Our server hosting providers are saying that our web site is running slow because we are using ms sql server 2005 express edition which is a free edition and had only a capacity of handling up to 4 GB data.

And our database which we are currently using is now having more than 4.5 GB.

Hence they recommended us to go for a paid one that is specialized edition workgroup and gave us the following link to go through the comparison.

The hosting providers says that it will be around 4500 rupees per month for sql server. As we are a small firm and cant afford to this much amount.

Please suggest any alternate methods.


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Hi pollard,

In a way they are correct but for me it is more of a sales pitch for microsoft. You can ask them if a unix based sql server is compatible with your database. I prefer using a unix base when it comes to server side. not that they are secure but they are also stable compared to their Microsoft counterparts. If you have a good sql server admin then it would be easy for them to manage it.

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The obvious answer is to use a Free software RDBMS, but only you know whether this is feasible, based on how much engineering effort it will take to migrate. SQL tables and data should be relatively easy to migrate (since they're based on the SQL Standard) but things like stored procedures, triggers and such might be harder.

The two best alternatives are: MySQL and PostgreSQL.

The long-term answer is not to use products that lock you into one vendor and/or have stupid, artificial restrictions on how much they will do before trying to screw money out of you. I'm mystified why any company on a budget would pick Microsoft products for Web hosting, unless you really need some feature(s) they provide, if that's the case why are you on here asking for alternatives?

/me *scratches head*

I honestly don't get it. Confused

a Padded Cell our articles site!

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Right there with you - Software limitations are a joke (mostly). The DB size is probably limited to 4GB because they figure that companies that need more space have deeper pockets.

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