WordPress Vs. Drupal Vs. Joomla, Which one do you recommend?

80% (4 votes)
20% (1 vote)
0% (0 votes)
0% (0 votes)
Total votes: 5

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Joomla: Joomla is difficult to use for beginners. It requires the expensive knowledge at expert level to customize it.
WordPress: WordPress has the simplest CMS but however it does not have builtin SEO options. You have to customize these options by installing plugins.
Drupal: Drupal has also simple CMS but however complex than Wordpress. It has builtin SEO features for content optimization..!!

Albert Barkley
SEO Manager/Web Developer

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This poll is to know which CMS or content management system do you guys use and recommend. Personally, I use WordPress and Even Recommend as well, But For my upcoming project, I want to confirm which one is highly recommended before starting. Also try to describe our vote with the following:

[1] Why?
[2] Pros?
[3] Cons?
[4] Etc.

I'd love to see your recommendation and your recommendation will get priority on my upcoming projects....

Thanks for your contribution Smiling

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It completely depends on what you're trying to do. I wouldn't recommend Wordpress for anything larger than a small brochure site or a simple blog. I use Drupal most of the time myself.

Maybe if you explain some of the requirements for your project we could provide better suggestions Smiling

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yes, I firmly agree with you Megan! It's just a matter of your preference or what CMS site that you need with one factor to consider: The budget

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