Xaptronic eShirtz: need some pointers

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I am posting this web site review as a requirement for a web development course I am taking.

The site is located at http://alextest.dreamhosters.com. As per our requirements there are several pieces of the site that are not yet fully functional.

We have been requested to ask for professional aswell as scholarly reviews.

Although this is a school project, and most likely will not be expanded, I will appreciate feekback about how to improve the specifics of the design. I am beginning to expand my web development skills from server, and client side code development into design elements aswell.

Thank you very much!

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Desigh look pure. I advise you to make a site on the similarity or better like this http://vastees.com/. thanks and good luck!!

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Personally I think it is a decent beginning, but there are some issues that definitely need addressing. I’m not sure if it was intentional or just bad image editing software, but the top image/logo where the white t-shirt is, it is done poorly. You can see the outline area where it was cut and pasted onto the other shirts. Also, the paypal image is very degraded. Making it smaller would help in keeping its integrity more and not look so ‘blurry.’

As for the rest, it’s clean, but kind of boring. But there’s really nothing you can do to avoid that with what is on the pages. Hope this helps in your endeavor.

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I do like that you used a background color for the edge of the site to define it. With that said I think some major work has to be done. The image your site gives is not one I would trust to be honest. The images go a long way into the trust someone has with you. These images in the thumbnails are really in need of help. They have no clean edge at all. I know you were going with a white background for them but I think an actual image would help.

Put the shirts into action... in other words put a beach background behind a beach shirt. The top picture could really use a change. A row of shirts gives the visitor no emotion other than anxiety of having to choose the red one or the blue one.

Again changing the pics to something more warm and clean would do wonders. Also, make your about us links that you have in the top more viewable... it took me a while to notice they existed.

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