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This is the rough outlay of my site. I am trying to get some feedback on the colors/layout.

It seems to dark for me at the moment, but i am having a hard time deciding on a different color setup. the black seems to clash with the neon shiny blues and all that. any ideas would be greatly appreciated.


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I posted some changes, new less contrasting colors

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It's hard to comment to much of an extent at all since there's not much readily available here. As it is, it needs some work. The navigation bar is not full, showing the page background color behind it, and those buttons are, well, not actually buttons yet.

The name of the website itself leads me to believe it would be a sort of 'battle ground' if you will, so more of a harsh, grungy feel might actually work here, instead of this light and airy clouds and sunshine design in place. The logo is used too many times (even though it's only twice here) on this page, and the content section needs some padding so the text doesn't hit the borders of the section.

Lastly, you may want to check out some color scheme websites, listed at the end of this website, because your colors are definitely not complementary. You have one type of blue-green color for the background, and a sky blue hue in the logo, and then some random orange and red-orange thrown in.

Definitely needs some work and actual content, but it's a starting point for sure.

Color Scheming:


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Not sure where to begin, but you really should run this through a validator:


There is extensive use of tags and not enough of the tag. Also, your list of benchmarks would be best served in an ordered list. The content below it should be in tags, no just text seperated with .

If I can offer any other advice, let me know.

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Your site seems to be very simple. It has some interesting content though. There really isn't much to see though.

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I agree with th above. From the title I was under the impression I was going to a site about creating nice blogs or a nice blog directory. I'm still confused about what th site is all about. Color schemes that would look nice that coincide with battle would be any type of camouflage.

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Instead of telling about the title and colors like everyone else, I'll point out some easyly fixable things you can think about.
1) Move your logo banner down a little more so it has the same amount of spacing as between the nav and conent.
2) Add some padding arround your content so it's not up against the edge of your template.

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