Web Site Review (Sheffield Vipers.co.uk)

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This is my first full site. It has all been hand coded so any comments about the code/css would be great. The site is for my brothers rec hockey team and most of the content still needs to be updated.

What to you think to the design and any other comments are more than welcome.


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Great start for a new coder. But remember that your site has to have sleek design to it. I recommend you use a Content Management System (CMS) on your site. I know of one that you could test out, joomla. You could also do with some advertising on the right hand side! Use Google Adsense! It is free and many people have made tons of money from it. Join it and add the code.

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Personally, I very much liked the uncluttered look to the page.

In examining the code, there are some points I would make.

It comes down to asking if you want people who type in something on a search engine to find you. If you do, then I suggest three main poits.

You maybe want a keyword phrase like "ice skating sheffield"

You should create a Meta Description tag and use the phrase you are targeting once in describing what your page is about.

Also create a Meta Keywords tag and use the phrase twice but not adjacent to each other.

Lastly. None of the search engines will take a page seriously if it has less than 125 words on it.

I hope this gives you food for thought.


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Thanks for the tips Terry. Fortunately for me the site is there for the sole benefits of the players on the team so they can access the forum and eventually ahve some stats on there.

I will definately keep your tips re SEO in mind and may come back for some clarity next time I build a site.

Once again Thanks.

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Design View: this was pretty okay, nice fusion of colors. great navigation, Quite a well done site. But you could go up a couple notches, take into future.

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Hey there.
Interesting logo ... hmm maybe also the header could be alot better don't you think ? I don`t think google adsense doesn`t fit for you ... you will have alot of content ?
It is a interesting design but of course can be improved.

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The header will be re-done when the team gets their own shirts and I get some more photo's. Will take another look at it at that point to see what else I can do.

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It's a basic site and there's not much to it: this is not a bad thing. It'll be good to see with more content in there. Am not sure about that background colour, it looks a little dark and is too close to the colour in the logo/header.

There's a space between the menu and header, but not a space between the menu and main content area. This looks a little inconsistent. Also on the menu, the first menu item's hover is flush against the left side but the last menu item's hover is away from the right side... That sounds confusing, just hover over the first and last menu items to see what I mean. Ideally there should be some space between the edges and menu items.

Like how there's a map there on the front page, along with the information people will need. You might want to put some information on what the site is about there too, but I can see you're still building the content up. Might want to do some styling on the links in the main content, the default blue doesn't work all that well with the design, maybe the use the teal for default, with darker teal for visited, and orange for hover? Just a thought.

Nicely coded, very clean! There're a couple of naughty br tags in there, but I'll let you off. Wink

Overall this is certainly better than my first full site. Smiling

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Hi Phil, you have one of the nicest and cleanest page designs I've seen in a while. Being a Canadian and a hockey fan, I might be a tad biased though.

I can only offer a couple of suggestions.

Consider the use a google map link or drop-in map to the arena.

Consider AdSense to help defray your web site costs.

I strongly urge you to validate your site against the W3C validation service (http://validator.w3.org/) to ensure your code meets standards. This will help you save some time later and ensure your site looks good later when standards change. It would currently fail validation.

Content related: Consider having "trading cards" of the players display in a javascript popup when you click on they name withing the roster page.

Have fun on the ice! Jason Smiling

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I think youve done a cracking job.

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Thanks again for all the comments, will be working ont he site again soon as the team have just got new shirts. Love the trading card idea.

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Pretty plain, but simple. Logo looks good, and communicates the point well. 5 star!

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nice layout.

it is very organized, and colours seem to work well.
the links that open in a new window are a bit annoying especially if one has their popup blocker on.

it might be a good idea to have the forum open inside the same text area that the other links open in.

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I think for a beginner coder, this is an excellent website. You take advantage of your space and use the proper colour scheme with an excellent graphic. The only suggestion that I would have is to have the forum open up in the same window. Good Job.

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site is good.logo also good.Think about AdSense to help defray your web site costs.

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Interesting logo!

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