Is this type of navigation user friendly?

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Hello everyone,
My idea was to have a subnavigation regarding a particular topic on my website.
First of all, I would like to know if it is visible enough, and secondly is it helping to navigate trough the site, or completely the opposite.
If you go to Spiritual Couples and choose "Body", you'll be taken to a page that has a main navigation bar on top and then a circular subnavigation just above the graphic. From that point on, my idea is for the visitor to use circular navigation for "Body" related pages. For review purposes, please go to "Exercise" option from the circular navigation. I hope I made myself clear.

Thank you.

Spiritual Couples

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That sub nav in body is "ok". It looks neat and the hover affect is neat. Takes a bit of time to figure out it's a menu of course, but I see no problems with it like it is.

I wasn't expecting to be taken to a forum for some of the links, nor a new tab either.

Also, the page you linked to is a little frustrating (resources_spiritual_couples.html).
I "eventually" figured out hovering over one of the four categories on the page showed text for that category, but at first I wondered what was happening when I was moving my mouse to the top navigation and text was appearing and changing seemingly randomly around the page.

If you space the four text blocks out a bit on the page, you can have them all static, and no need for them to show on hover.
I'd get rid of the smaller image you see on hover when the text is there, and just put the main image (prior to hovering) as a background on the text (with some opacity so the text is readable).

And all pages should be the same format, the homepage is very different, and green.

And you should fix some of the W3C errors you have. Mainly having no doctype.

Clean site though, the design and colours will certainly be liked by plenty of people.

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