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Hi, i managed to create a new seo tools analysis website from zero from January this year. I've put all my free time in it and i think it looks nice. Tools are also awsome, but i need to optimise it to attract more visitors. Shortly, here it is

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This site rocks! I was looking for something like this that has lots of tools in one spot. I do feel though that the site needs some more color. Perhaps just a green rollover for the location links and possibly the information about the tools on the main page.

Even without these changes though the site looks really good and i will come back. I give it a 9.5 out of 10. nice job! Smiling

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Hi FrostBoost,

Sorry it took me so long to get to this site!

The collection of tools looks good from what I can tell. I'm not a big user of these things though. The design is very monochromatic and a bit boring. I'd like to see some more colour throughout. The greys that you are using aren't quite right - the top header grey has much more saturation (sort of blue), while the boxes lower down are less saturated. You can tell that the top bar looks more blue-ish while the rest of the grey is more neutral/brown-ish.

I also think this would be better if there were fewer grey boxes and it had more of a clean look. I generally don't think it's necessary to create more boxes when you don't need to. For example, around the breadcrumbs.

The "knowledge is the key to success" tagline is very vague. You could use that on any website really. Try to think of something that's more relevant to your site.

Hope that helps,

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I like the colors personally (orange and gray shades), but it would look alot better (to me) if some of the text or the text links were done in the same orange color, and the orange color was used in other places of the website as well.

Ive always loved a color scheme of a bright color (orange, green, neon-blue, etc) over shades of a darkish gray. But I really dont think you bring the highlight color (orange) into the scheme of the website enough.

Also, the website loads improperly and puts boxes of stuff in areas where it obviously shouldnt be, its glitching out to an extent on my computer. Im using an Apple iMac with OS X 10.2 and the latest version of FireFox. Not sure why its giving me the layout glitches.

UNLESS thats the way the sites supposed to look?? If so it doesnt have a very clean appearance in that regards. By this I mean the gray boxes below overlap the bright orange area at the top, but at the far left and right sides, the gray boxes dont overlap the orange there and to me personally it looks sort of awkward.

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Thank you so much for reviewing my website.
I've changed my website's design again. Now it's green Smiling
What do you think of it?

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The green and black combination is perfect for the services you provide. It just too dark to look around. I set my monitor to low light, and your gray text almost looks invisible. I think you need to activate some service for non-registered users. Personally, I don't register to a site that I am not sure what's inside.

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hi, checked it out

it's a little frustrating to require membership for so many tools - maybe you should reserve that restriction for the "cream" of the tools (no, I did not register, but I might come back)

the narrative analysis is unusual, usually these reports are more graphical. I think you could analyze the results better with lists and bullets.

I was able to use the "domain report" and I was interested to find (owned by a TWF member) there as one of my three "competitiors"

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That is a great website, lots of tools their theirs alot that are not seo related. Yet the amount of tools on one website is great, for my bookmarks, ecept having to register is not good.

The website itself looks great, the welcome page is very bland and unappealing. The green colour is not my favourite, the rest of the website does look great.

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I like your site. I don't have a problem with the design. I think the dark colors and green works ok. Its a shame you have to register before I can use your services. I'm always reluctant to register at a site. For example, why would I register to use your page rank checker when there are others out there that do not have this requirement.

I would imagine that a lot of your users will only use your site once or twice, just because of the nature of the user. For example I rarely use the same site to do a whois look up. I know i can throw whois and the tld into google and ill just use the first one i see.

One thing to note, you Home links only go to the homepage of that area of your site. I was expecting it to take me to your root homepage.

I really like your directory section. Can I ask which software you used for this???

I imagine this is quite a competitive market so good luck to you. I hope you do well.


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