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Please review my humble website:

Any general or specific feedback is welcome. Thank you

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Great Shop but payment options are still pending may be its in under construction ?

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The shop is awesome, I do think the webiste could have a little more flare and detailed design though. Maybe a border? Keep up the good work

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Not a good one.. It is hosted on 14 day trial which will expire soon and after that you will have to pay huge. You can however take a hosting with domain in that price which is being captured by the The 2nd thing is that the SSL which is being used on your website is personal, self signed certificate which is not a good sign for E-commerce websites.

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You should have a better logo and some stronger colors on the site.

Overall looks good!

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Overall I loved your site, loved how simple the layout was and how easy it was to navigate. Honestly its laid out so well that I was tempted to place an order because the process is easy - from layout to selection to putting whatever you want in your cart (which is where I stopped before erasing everything from my cart) so all I have to say is awesome job!

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Its pretty much plain and simple so it may lose the point of sale generation, i think you need to work little bit on that point the overall it look good

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