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Hey guys,

We recently launched new version of our website design company website. Although, we are professionals ourselves, we always strive to improve quality of our own website. So we need your opinion. Please let us know if site copy is good or needs work out? Could there be better description? Does the website say what it offers properly?

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You forgot to include the link and then couldn't access it edit it..right? Laughing out loud

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Sorry guys, here is the link

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OUCH: Validation Output: 144 Errors

Not good for a web design company. will look into it more later, just got a call and need to run.


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Greg K wrote:
OUCH: Validation Output: 144 Errors

Most of them are easy to fix, but agreeing with (the other) Greg, for a web design company, anyone checking might not be impressed. Especially things like "element "Div" undefined. Did you mean "div"?" and no alt tags for images.
Alt tags for images are a really good thing for various reasons, being a web designer you should really know about this.

That said, it's probably not really that important regarding your getting clients.
But things like "ID "pkgs" and "panz" already defined" is a bad thing as this can actually break functionality.

In some places you have used <br> and others <br />. You really should be more consistent with your coding.

As for the site itself, it's quite smart. Seems well laid out and things are easy enough to find.
Although there's a lot of "generic government-like waffle".

Our team of web experts is our most precious asset.
This is because we have specially trained them to communicate effectively that saves your precious time.

Specially trained?
"Ten years ago, in 1972, a crack commando unit....
....If you have a problem, if no one else can help, and if you can find them, maybe you can hire... The E-Team."

support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Surely not true?

With 1websitedesign, you get a 3 months of free after sale support. This time is usually enough to tweak your site, make necessary changes and fix bugs in your scripts

You are telling people you roll out code with bugs and issues requiring 3 months after-sales to sort them out?

The side contact/info form (whatever it's for ?? ), I clicked the submit button on the blank contact form and nothing happened other than a page reload. I then filled in some random typing and got no message telling me to stop being an arse and fill in some real details - I.E. help and assistance.

It just reloaded the page and emptied out my details. If you want people to contact you, make it as easy as possible for them.
So found your contact page as I REALLY want to get in touch and get a price/info from you, and the submit button doesn't work. I click it, nothing happens other than a beautiful flash of colour.

This site is a major reflection of your web coding standards. If people have a bad experience form using YOUR site, what sort of site will you make them? They wont want THEIR clients having an annoying, unhelpful and broken contact form..etc.

Also regarding the form, it says "Fields flagged with a red asterisk (*) are required".
Yet only the email address has a red asterisk. So you don't want my name? How will you address me when you reply? Dear Mr noreply@givemewebwork .com?
And the message isn't required either? As I see it, only the "Company Name" on that form is not really essential to your getting what people are contacting you about and being able to reply in a professional manner, I.E. use their name in correspondence.


Positives: In general the site's quite smart, well presented and easy to navigate. I do like it. And mostly the text and descriptions are well worded.

Negatives: Some broken English, and one page I noticed has no space between two words - proof read is important.
Has some over the top blurb that is too generic to actually mean anything to a potential client. And most certainly fix the coding issues. Uppercase divs, dupe ID's and no escaping line break tags in this day and age?

Again, overall it's smart, but really needs some attention before it's a showcase of a professional web development "team".

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Hey Greg,

Thank you so much for taking so much time in evaluating my website. I really appreciate your input and would definitely act upon your advices to improve my website.

1 Thing I do want to ask is about the name. Does 1WebsiteDesign give you good feel? does .NET matter? Should we change it to something else if we have to? Because remember we want to create a good impression about our site and our brand name should be well aligned to that goal.

I see more people in my area going for more generic names like mediatech, webtech, eyconsolutions etc where name does not directly represent what we do. So I was wondering if this is a good brand name to start with.

Thanks a bunch


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I think the domain name is important but only to a certain point, and I think yours is fine.
And the domain name is certainly not the most important thing these days, sure a really good one IS better, like this site has a great domain name for the content, but there are many popular and busy websites with longer names these days that do just fine.

The thing to remember is brand-able names "Google, Yahoo etc" are only really used to their full potential when the site is very popular.
Sure, Yahoo is actually quite a good name, catchy, one word, easy to remember and pronounceable, but just having a good name doesn't make a site popular.
So although "Yahoo" as a site with only a few hundred members would be cool, a site with a few hundred members could use any name really.

Does "mediatech", "webtech" or "eyconsolutions" sound better than ""? I don't think so.

Besides, you can go on forever thinking of names and then find out they are all taken (mostly by cyber squatters).

Your main concerns are making your site a wonderful, fully functioning, error free, pleasant and simple experience for your visitors. You are selling services for making websites, and if visitors have a bad time on your website they wont want you to make them one.

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Your website looks pretty but whether or not it is up to standards is another thing to watch out for.

Not only can it make you look bad as a website design company but also;

1. Its Bad for Search Engine Optimization
2. The impressesion shown is not the right one


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Nice template. Content could use a lot of work though. It seemes to have a lot of typo problems. Also I am getting error codes as well. Be sure to take a look at those. After those things get taken care of it would be time to work on SEO as well.

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First thing is that i didn't liked the domain at all.Its not seo friendly.
The banner is ok but the yellow color maked it completely annoying.If Your site is a webdesigning company then you should have designed it much better.

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Is a really cool site, but the 'Our Work' section needs more margin on the left ScreenShot

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i think your design is nice and the colors used are also very nice to feel. if we look for your title and keywords; you optimized both very well. But you are not included meta description. I think, meta description is very important to us.

Thank You.

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It looks super !!! I have had a peek at the website design at your domain, the only thing I thought was ... these are templates from for £50 each, then again there are so many free web templates on other sites that I may be wrong.

Did you make this or has the site been created for your use ??

John at Qintro Dundee web design in Scotland.

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site you designed is good. I think you have included lots of images....(Images will not search engine friendly to rankup site)... is these site for your own use or others?...

Keep good design

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Nice job on the site. A couple of constructive suggestions:

  • Currently, the horizontal blue bar that spans the top of the screen has some alignment issues. If you look carefully, you'll see that the main content that is centered, rests slightly above the left and right stretchable regions. Also, the colors of the gradient dont' match up exactly either, which will make this flaw stand out more.
  • You use a lot of rounded corners (tabs in nav, rounded rectangles on home page), but then you have some content rectangles (especially on right side) with sharp corners. It is best if you consistently use the same design elements throughout the whole site

All in all, keep up the great work!

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