Review my site..... (hand dryers & paper towel dispensers)

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Please review my site: Manufacturers Hand Dryers | Paper Towel Dispensers

This site manufacturers products like hand dryers, paper towel dispensers, air freshners, aerosol dispensers, soap dispenser, sesnor faucets, auto taps and many more....

Thanks in advance. Smiling

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Overall the site is ok. Easy to navigate and plenty to see and read.

The top menu is a bit dis-functional at times. Sometimes the sub categories disappear while my mouse pointer is moving down to it.

White text on black background is always glary and hard to read, but especially on your site as the font is tiny.

Product area is fine, with some good info, although I'd like to know how much some of it is. I totally understand there are reasons and scenarios why prices are purposely left off, but in general, people want to see the $$ or they might just presume they are not shown as it's high price.

On the main product page I can click on any area of each product (the image or text or around them), when I go to a sub-product page, I have to click on the text.
Should be consistent really.

I don't really see the point at all in the "vision" page. Nothing meaningful to read of any interest. If Martin Luther had that level of vision people would have booed him.
And there seems to be something with Flash on or around the vision text, which is all a bit weird, as nothing there needs to be flash as far as I can see.


Overall the site is ok. Looks pleasant and is well laid out with everything logically placed and easy to find.
There are some annoyances as I mentioned, although the important thing is the font size. And preferably make it less white. Even dropping it from #FFFFFF to #F2F2F2 is a bit of a relief on the old blinkers.

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Navigation menus take too long to load.. consider trimming down the file size on some of the images in the flash.

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Ok, I think this site is really pleasing to the eye. I like the divisions on the bottom half of the homepage. The colors are a little dull, but they look fine. I think the menu would be better if the color changed on rollover, and I agree that the menu drop downs take too long to load. Also, I think that the rotating images that take up the majority of the front page are kind of useless. It pushes your content down to the bottom and doesn't serve too much purpose.

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The first place my eyes went on was the banner. Ignored it and moved ahead, the site is good, from the menu-bar to the flash intro to the info given down the site is good.
Just one advice.
Please change the main banner. It doesn't suit the site at all and is a turn-off specially for those who have liked the other parts of the sites.

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Can you make it white or green or anything but black? It seems to, IMO, ruin it especially that you're selling something related to keeping it "clean."

Other than that, it looks really fine. =D

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I loved the overall design and fluidity of this site. My only bug bear was the navigation. I found that they drop down menus stuttered and took ages to completely reveal themselves and just didnt seem to fit in with the rest of the clean fluid feel of the site.

I also found it disconserting that not all of the menu's had drop downs and was kind of left thinking, is it working? Is this one meant too?

Otherwise, very asthetically pleasing to the eye!

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I have to say your site looks very professional! If I were a consumer and found your site, I would definitely linger. It has a lot of eye catching features, very symetrical and the navigation is simple and easy. You highlight your products on the first page and use a great combination of text and graphics.

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You have a nice professional design website, but I thin the words in your title bar is too much. I learn search engine can only 76 letter including comma and space.

All the best

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It's a very clean, modern looking website, in keeping with the clean, modern products you offer.

I think the constantly changing and scrolling pics at the top under the banner are unneccessary. I like the one simple graphic of the faucet and the tag line "Changing the way we tap our resources. . ." I think this says it all in a nutshell.

It would be nice to access product information more easily; I found the side-scrolling screens a bit distracting, and didn't know at first to click on them for information. Once I clicked on a product, however, I found clear, concise info - but no prices. I would definitely like to see prices and how those prices drop when buying in bulk. I assume most customers would buy in bulk because on your home page under the "Overview" section, you mention your company serves hotels, airports, shopping malls etc. so obviously you are serving the larger industrial/commercial markets and not the individual consumer.


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I really like your website and it looks like very professional. To me, I think the color used at your website is fine for me as long as it keep the same style at your web site. I think you have used many flash technologies, which is very attractive. I have suffered all of your links and they are working very well. Your website is easy to use with many pleasing features. The text, image and background colors are well integrated at your site. Great!!!!

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It's amazing site, very attractive design. But there is a big problem I found when I looking around it.

- For download page, some links have been broken. There are some detailed error message I can check, this is not good for the security reason, please fix it ASAP.

- For contact section, if there is a contact form that allow clients to send message to you will be more better.

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