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I lunched the website mainly as a web portal. I want you to review it and comment on it. Please help me in popularizing it because I get very few visits.
Thanks in advance. :wave:

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Please remove the animation, animations only distract and annoy people. If you want to sell something to your visitors (product, service, whatever) you don't want to have any distracting elements on your site.

By reading your site I don't quite get the idea of what your site is about. You have a slogan in your header, why not put a one sentence description of what you do?

It's usually good to show your photo on your site (especially if you aim for a personal touch), but your photo is not very good quality. You should get a new one. Since your site looks rather good, you should also have a good quality photo.

But it's very difficult to write a review because I can't quite understand what's your site is about. It looks like a web desgn / seo service site, but doesn't quite seem to be.

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I appreciate your comments on my site. I will definitely try to remove animation and put a good quality picture of mine. I would like to tell you that it is something near to Web Portal. I have listed all the services under service page which have links to the services. The service page can be accessed through the link at the top of the page.
Thanks again for your review. Cool

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nice site you made kripal.wish you best of luck

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design is good--keep some content in the site--then you can get more visits to your ads as u wish

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For Contents of the site please go to service page of the site by clicking service link available on the top of every page or click here. Cool

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I think the site overall is well laid out, here are a few suggestions. The text could be a bit bigger, the space provided advertisement can be moved to the bottom, under the quiz link the timer does not completely show in the box size that you have given, that box needs to be bigger.

These are a few things I thought of, hope that helps.

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First of all fourfridays thanks for reviewing my site and I will think upon your suggestions.

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The overall design is nice but rather generic looking. It looks like a hosting company template, to be honest. The content is okay but again, very generic and seems to lack focus. You can't be all things to all people. If this is just a fun personal site then that's fine, but if you want to get traffic you need to focus on a topic. When I landed on this site I was wondering what it is about. You have downloads/uploads, some vague services that aren't described very well, and a mix of random other stuff. None fo these are things that you can't find on a million other sites around the web - other sites that do the same thing only better.

Decide on one topic for your site and focus on that. It's much easier to promote a site when it's got a clear topic. Once you've established yourself you can expand into other areas.

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@Megan said:

Quote: It looks like a hosting company template, to be honest.

Well, there is this at the bottom of the page: "Powered by Free Website Templates".

Glad to see you got rid of the animations. I think it looks much better.

I still think you could find a much better template, though. There are lots of markup errors, and the tiny text, non-resizable in IE, may look okay on a 17" screen at 1024 x 768, but uncomfortable to read on my laptop at 1440 x 1050.

Megan gives some very good advice. "Content is King," I believe.

Cordially, David
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I like the layout and colours Kirpal.

You may want to adjust the padding in the footer as the orange text slightly overlaps the white navigation.

I also noticed that you haven't included Meta-tags for keywords and description (these would help in your search engine results).

11 errors when i tried to validate the xhtml, w3c validator did not recognise the doctype.


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Thanks all of you for your suggestions but t present I am not able to take out some time to make so drastic changes in my website. After the exams I will think upon your suggestions.
Thank all of you again.

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goodluck on doing the changes on your site and on your exams as well! Smiling

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site looks good and quite liked the content

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Nice site you made kripal!

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Site is down.

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