Review my new "Work From Home" forum

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Please review my new Work From Home Discussion Forum at The forum was launched about a month ago. I had to change the style a couple of times before settling for this latest skin. What do you guys think about the style of the forum, the categories, the layout, etc...
Any suggestions/critique would be appreciated.


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I think it's a pretty cool skin however I suggest you move the banner location as it looks out of place, maybe swap it with the Google ads and pt them somewhere else?

Regards, Steve

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I like the skin on the home page and the forum index pages. It looks nice and clean and appropriate for what you're doing. I normally find that vbulletin is too cluttered looking but this skin makes it look a bit better. I don't particularly like the thread display pages. Personally, I'm not a fan of putting the avatar and profile stuff above the posts - it just breaks up the flow too much. This skin is particularly big in that area with a lot of lines to distract the eye from reading the text. You can switch to classic postbit (there's a preference setting for that) to move the profile info to the side like we have here.

The rest of the design looks pretty good. I think it would be nice to have more definition between the ad areas and the forum areas. I'm not quite sure how, but here it looks like everything is floating in a sea of white, kind of randomly. It needs more structure - maybe even some bigger margins around the main content section would work.

The banner ad at the top seems misplaced there because it's overtop of the notepad spiral. You could just make a little more space at the top there so it fits comfortably in the black area.

Overall a nice job though Smiling

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This skin is a nice choice. It's simple and it fits the subject of your forum.

I think the banner on top really takes away from your skin though. It's awkward and out of place, not to mention covering some of the spiral. Overlapping is only a good idea when it's done correctly to look pleasing and works with the design. If you have to have the ad, I would place it at the bottom above the copyright information.

The ads on the side should be seperated from your main content. I see that you have titles to look like folded paper but the problem is that the ads fade right into the forum content. Maybe different shade of white, or a defined edge that makes it look like the whole ad is on a piece of paper.

I like the content, I actually added you to my favs and I don't do that. Good topics and your ads are useful. I like the Your ads go well with your subject which is very good.

It could use a little work but all in all, good work.

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I think the light blue with the dark brown border clash with each other.
I think if the border colour were a darker blue it would be better.Other than
that I think it looks allright.

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Looks pretty good. Agree with what others said.

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It's a very nice forum, i like the skin. it is very sexy.

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At last I can see a forum page with a different look good job ...

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I really liked your forum- the skin looks great, navigation is simple and clear. The explanation for the topics are informative and the topics are eye-catching- went to read some postings by myself Smiling to get some useful ideas! Also it looks fun and different from others. Good luck with your work Smiling

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i think colours are abit odd other han that its great

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Hi there

I just saw the forum... sorry but I'm not impressed by the graphic.... category and navigations are ok.

I will suggest you to work on this skin and make it more attractive. The top banner is over the skin and it does not look ok.


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Your site has a great skin. It really suits the website. The top right google ad doesn't really fit in and I wouldn't think you would get hardly any clicks so I would recommend removing it. Keep working on getting more members! If you can reach 1000 active members then your website will just keep growing through word of mouth.

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Like the layout and colours, as Swefx mentioned the top ad does not fit in very well, you could maybe try and move it elsewhere or remove it all together.
Good luck


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