Review my e-commerce site

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Please review my E-commerce site

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The layout overall is okay, but my biggest issue upon initially viewing your website is I'm not completely clear what it's for. The name doesn't suggest anything to me, and there isn't much text at all describing what you're selling. I'm not suggesting you add a bunch of blocks of text, but if there are no words, I have to try to guess based on the images.

So, I see a sliding marquee with a phone getting its battery taken out (or put in?), as well as the words (which are obscured - you should check this in many resolutions if that's why you didn't notice it yourself) "Need second life for your mobile?". At first, I thought you were referring to "Second Life" the "game", and then I connected the battery and got the idea for what you do: so you sell cell phone batteries? As the scrolling image continued, I saw that you also recycle old batteries.

Below that are a bunch of batteries with names that I'm guessing are identifying their compatible devices and prices. I would consider what those images are telling potential customers. To me, each battery looks exactly the same, so how is the image helping me? Perhaps you should consider showing pictures of the devices they work in instead (or alongside the battery itself) so I could quickly identify the one I want.

The navigation at the top of your website doesn't look like a navigation right away. Plain black text doesn't typically scream out "I'm a link! Click me!". You should also separate out the different types of links. The first four identify product categories, while the second two navigate to completely different parts of your website. Those links could be right aligned and a different size, for instance.

I'll give one more comment at this point: consider how easy it is for potential customers to get from their entry point (probably the home page) to giving you money. Right now, for me to find the battery for me I need to find the right category and then search amongst the names there. I would much rather be presented with a form (probably the most prominent thing on your home page) which allows me to enter my device information (make and model, so to speak) and you just take me to the relevant product listings.

I know I said one more thing, but (and I'm no business expert), but you probably want to make it more prominent that your prices are in CAD and not USD, unless you're intending to go after mostly or only Canadian customers. I noticed it on the home page just because I was looking around, but I wouldn't even mind to see it on every price listed. And lastly (for real this time), consider having someone produce or at least edit the copy on your website. The wording is awkward in some places and sounds to me like a non-native English speaker. Even for native English speakers, it's always worth revising.

Good luck!


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The layout is nice and overall the design is good.

I did have a hard time figuring out what the site was selling when I first landed on it. When I tried to go back on your slider to re-read the first slide the arrow buttons didn't work.

After scrolling down you are presented with a group of batteries which for the most part look the same, when you click on one of the quick view options from hovering over a battery, you are presented with a pop up window that doesn't give any further details about the battery. In the popup window I then clicked on View Details to see if I could get a little more information there, it did provide a short description, but the description was more of a spec sheet.

I really had to hunt around to find the currency for your items in the header under your search bar. Even after adding an item to the cart, I couldn't see the currency.

I think it could use a bit more content on the home page to let users know right away what it is that you are selling. Your quick views on items might be a bit more useful with a short description or specs for the item.

Otherwise, overall layout and design looks good.


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Your website's layout has no problem. However, there are too many dynamic links in your website which are not helpful for your website to get a better search ranks on Google. For example, when I hover my mouse over the each "Add to Cart" button, they are all dynamic links.

And, you should optimize your page title such as your homepage's title, try to add some of your target keywords to your title, it is also helpful to your website to get higher rank in Google.

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