Please review our E-commerce site for College.

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So this is a website we did for our E-Commerce class for college. We created a web design and development site for the purpose of the project and created what we could in that time.

It would be great if you could give us some constructive feedback on how we can improve our site.

Site: Clever Mallard Web Development

Thanks in advance,

The Clever Mallard Crew

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I've got a few primary comments, two of which will seem contradictory to one another, but hopefully I can convince you they aren't.

1. What you have to offer (your service and expertise) should stand out

When people visit your website, they should immediately be able to tell what you do and even see examples of what you have done. You're doing a pretty decent job of that by showing example work right on the front page, and the description below that primary slideshow describes what you do (though very generically). I'm not a big fan of those slideshow-type marquees that shuffle through images because it isn't obvious to me immediately that I should be waiting for them to change, so I start looking for more content immediately. I'd rather see a few images on your front page that show your work and what you do, or at least some examples, and some short descriptive text of your service with a prominent link taking me to your Services page. Right now, the primary navigation is in the top-right corner of the page and I'm not directed to any page from your main landing page. You could do more to tell me where you want me to go on your website. Think about how you would want potential customers to navigate through your website so that they end up paying you.

2. Your website look-and-feel is pretty bland

Now this may seem to contradict the previous point, but your overall look is a bit empty feeling to me. I think it's two things: the gray scheme and the lack of content. You want the portfolio images to be the main point of focus, but your own website's theme needs to be appealing. Here's why this isn't a contradiction: when you're offering web design/development services, keep in mind that your website is the most important piece in your portfolio. If you didn't take the time to make your website outstanding, how's mine going to turn out?

3. It's not easy for me to figure out what I want to buy

Think about your target customer here: if you're offering web design/development services, keep in mind that your target customer doesn't know the terminology and the technical details. Will a potential customer know whether they just need "static page development" or "database creation/implementation"? I would start by backing up your services page with examples. And I'm not a business expert, but I'm not sure that you need to offer "packages" like you've set it up. You certainly want to say what you can offer as services, but sometimes in this kind of business you need to speak with the customer to figure out what they want and tell them the services it will require, and then give them a quote, rather than setting up an incremental package structure.

Good luck, and feel free to come back as you make revisions!


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I like the color choices as they seem to exude professionalism to me.

I also love to duck artwork and the general layout.

I do not like that you did not use HTML5, and nowhere on the site is there any mention of what skills and expertise you are bringing to the table. Yes you showed some sites that I assume you developed, but how do I know you are not a 13 year old? People are not just buying the service they are buying you or your company of professional web designers.

Finally, I think the tiles on the content window make the text a little more difficult to see, especially when the text is small.
Best wishes.

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Good design but you need to add more contents to your website including your homepage such as "why choose us", "users reviews" , etc. Frankly speaking, your website just looks like a personal website but not a professional website that has so many talented people behind, I mean, you should at least let your visitors feel like that your website was created by a group or a mature company. I am sorry if any offense taken.

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Hi There, I am an E -comm student as well and I came about this forum through my instructor.
I have browsed through you website and my attention was caught by the color and graphics. I found it very 'invading' with to much images. Also my impression is that in a first place it is difficult for a user to know from where to start. In our class we learn that the web site should be user friendly , with info easy to find (even by those with disabilities).. I think your web site is failing a little bit on this requirement. In short it is difficult to get straight to the point. Hope that helps.
Thank you..

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Some quick thoughts:
I would get rid of the borders in the portfolio section.
I would also try to increase page loading time.
Thats what i saw first glance. Good luck!

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It's really good thing u choose.
But it's not well organised and i see alot of things like color and the format which is so destructive.

Good luck......

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It is not a college website but it is a portfolio website for a company. However if we see its design and code then its pricing is not working. I mean that when a person want to buy something on the page then then this does not redirect to payment processor. There is not a contact form/live chat option and even there is not any company about us page.

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I actually like the site very much. I loved the duck! The site seemed fresh and vibrant to me and was definitely not a cookie cut website. My only suggestion would be more sample portfolios.

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