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I started this website four weeks ago. I'm new at this and would like to have my website reviewed. Thank you, Frank
My website url:

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Your site is nice and has a huge variety of products for sale (although from amazon). After having a deep look on your site , contents and source code i found that most of the images you are using on your site are eating UP unnecessary bandwidth. For example the header.jpg is 161 KB and i can easily optimize it to 49 KB without any extra efforts. I just saved it and opened in Fireworks and it optimized it to 49 KB (less than 1/3 of original size). Similar is the case with other images like the book image i saw on contact us page. The contact form is not opening. I waited for 10 seconds and then i quit.

I can see Adsense in your source code. I have disabled Adsense, otherwise i wouldhave told you how Optimized your ads are.

Your site is really Good. Do one extra thing is that increase the height of iFrame so that there do not appear another scroll bar. Dual or multiple scroll bars give bad impression.

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As far as visual aesthetics are concerned, I think it could use some increased subtly and color refining. For example, to me, the brown tones seem too tyrannical. They're obtrusive, but on top of this, they're also too chaotic and inconsistent with their pattered approach. So one way you might try to change this is by using about 2 or 3 consistent colors but also shy away from your patterns, too. This would make things a bit more consistent and wholesome. As a little issue, too, you might try to work on your logo a bit more. Don't get me wrong, it's an okay logo, but I just see so much more potential than that--for example, I would work on the lettering a bit by maybe making it more radial or spherical as well as placing emphasis on maybe just the fox head (?)... Just something to think about.

With that aside, though, I actually like the site. It's simple, easy to navigate, and fairly unique. Once you get the color / pattern issue remedied (and maybe take care of some subordination issues), I think you'll have a pretty cool website.

Keep up the great work!

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I like your template very much, is very professional, the color that you have chose is very nice, and I like very much the way you are incorporated the ads on the website.

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Hi! your template is nice, but I think you should change the image and the content a little bit. Then you will get great traffic for your site.

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