Please review my website

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Please review my website:

Thank you

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First of all, nicely built website - easy to navigate and for searching.

Here are my findings:

Why is the newsletter link on the both the top and bottom of the navigation? It is redundant.
The colors are bland so it is going to be difficult to attract the audience.
The popular, feature, sold ads sections are taking a lot of the bottom space.
There are not a lot of graphics aside from the classified themselves. Consider adding icons for each of the major categories.
Unfortunately not fully responsive - the website breaks on mobile phones.
Grammar error: World Class Ads is happy to announce it has just launched [it's] affiliate program to all registered users!
The Affliate program instruction is confusing: find your affiliate link, for everyone you refer (using your affiliate link) and that posts a * FEATURED * classified ad...

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good web site. the functionalities are OK, but you can enhance the look and feel by using Harmonious colours and using a little bit bigger font size. I think adding some icons will attract users. Finally, the footer is too long.

Good Luck

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Nice website. You could also add more categories for more inclusions. The colors could be more welcoming too.

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