please review my website

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I am a student and I have developed this website for one of my courses.
It is not yet connected to paypal and some of the pages are still "under construction" but I would like your opinion on how the website is so far.

Thanks a lot

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I love the Jewelries you have postd, they are very beautiful.
personally i think this is good start to create a real e-commerce website.your website interface is easy to use. my suggestion is that you may need some changes to your homepage
1.on the middle of your home page, i don't think ".Necklaces.Jewelry Sets: Necklace & Earrings links" are necessary. that area will make your homepage look a little bit mess

anyway, good job!

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Quite impressive effort! Good, tidy, valid markup and nicely laid out.

I'd like to suggest some small but significant improvements, though:

1. Reduce the size and weight of your images. Even on a fast connection it takes a long time for a page to load.

2. Your JavaScript only works in browsers that support document.all - namely, Internet Explorer and Opera. You may like to correct that.

3. If you intend people without Internet Explorer to visit, you may like to add to your instructions on increasing text size. (I love that you did this.)

4. For me, the line lengths are a bit too long. I think the layout works much better at default font-size for the main text, which corrects that problem and respects visitor preferences (if any).

5. You have some CSS errors you may like to fix.

I'd like to add that I appreciate your attention to detail and for the accessibility features. This is a great beginning for a student's site. Way to go!

Cordially, David
delete from internet where user_agent="MSIE" and version < 8;

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Very impressive website!


Clean looking
Nice flow to the site
Professional looking


Many links are under construction
Image load times are high

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I'm not sure what the focus of your course is (design, marketing etc.), but I think the design of this site needs a lot of work. A quality design tells the user that you can be trusted with their credit card details! It also shows that you have a quality, high-end product. Unless, of course, you want to look like a discount retailer (not an invalid position, really, but you still need to look trustworthy).

A few problems lead to this looking like a poor quality site to me:

  • Logo is done in a basic sans-serif font (a serif or script font would give a more elegant look)
  • Layout is very boxy, lots of borders and lines and rectangle shapes
  • Boring blue colour scheme
  • Boring, boxy, blue navigation menu

There are two navigation menus with exactly the same links - there's no point in doing this.

The size of your photo enlargements are good, but I think they could be even bigger. When you're trying to sell something it's best to show as much detail as possible.

The writing style in the introductory text and the product descriptions seems a bit hokey. Okay if you're going for a discount feel, but not good enough if you want to appear high-end.

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this site is not working for me. Check it! its appears to be down at the moment. I will check it later and review if i find time till them spare some time to check what happened to it.

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