Please review my website

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Please review my website. It is about iphone wallpapers,
I wait your review for design,color,navigasyon, etc.
Thx for your review

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iphone wallpapers

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I had a quick look at your site and came to the following conclusions...

Okay, my first impression when I entered your website was that it had not finished loading. I think it maybe an idea to use a foreground or border to make differences obvious between your layout and content.

Performance is good, but maybe an idea to gZip the following:
Which will decreas pageload slightly.

As for design, although clean, I think it would be an idea to add some style to your header menu, maybe some hover effects, or block-effects. As for the left-menu, personally I think it's spaced too far apart between the links... Some people get impatient with scrolling. Not a huge issue though.

I think your logo is too big and takes up too much of your left-sidebar... You need to half this atleast, and bring your menu further up... Display what you have to offer right away rather than making people scroll.

If you need more feedback, lemme know Smiling

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Thx for review.
I changed logo. So now only use text for homepage

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loading time is high .

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I think it would be better if you visually separated your content areas. My eyes kind of float all around the page.

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Yeah. I agree. The loading time is pretty high. I like the design though. Smiling

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Loads fine to me... the site is nice but why get a .me domain?

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to be honest I would guess that most iphone related domain names are taken? just off the top of my head there:) yeah it loads fine for me too, maybe he updated it since the topic started, it was a long time ago now.

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Nice clean site, very fast to load. But you should add more pics, there is only one wallpaper in most categories.

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It looks good. I think there should be a better indication of the title of the site. Maybe "iPhone Wallpapers" or "Free iPhone Wallpapers" should stand out just a little bit more so that someone could recognize and remember your site. Also, good use on the heading tags, h1, h2, etc.

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