Please review my updated website.

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I just updated my website I just want to know what you think. any suggestion is welcome and appreciated.

many thanks.

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Clean - and easy to read. I Like it

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Your website looks clean and simple. Under "free-icons" you can buy icons?

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The only thing that really bothers/stands-out to me is the Menu Bar at the top. It just looks "tacked on" in comparison to the rest of the site. It's mostly a color scheme thing. Also I think the actual page posts on the blog should be a contrasting color. Maybe White or a lighter gray?

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Honestly, it looks bad. The elements seems like they don't belong.... bits and pieces floating in outer space. Probably you can do something like Delimit your website with two darker panels by the side to give your website some form. At the moment, it does look formless. The height of the banner can also be reduced. As it is, it looks rather empty and pardon me, it sure looks like something meant for a nursery school.

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What I did not see on the icons are the prices for it. Actually there is no price on the site ... only 30% from ... no idea from what sum.
Other then this the site is very web 2.0 clean and nice.

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First off, I like the look of the site, its clean and straight forward, very easy to navigate around and find out what you are looking for.

A few things I would change would be the page labeled "Free-Icons", now I see that you have some that can be used in a non-commerical manner, and you offer free downloads for testing, but saying it's free-icons kind of implies no cost what so ever. Also you have an abundance of add to cart to buttons. I see that you have specials if you buy the entire set or you can buy parts of it, but where you have the options to look at different sets you buttons at the top and bottom, I think that one near the bottom would suffice. Also have a bit of a contract issue which is not terrible but could be fixed. You have a light crew background and then you have white boxes on top of it where you havethe icons listed. The boxes are barely visible and is hard to actually that they are there.

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I like to point out that nice spacing you have between your posts and pictures. It makes it very easy for the eyes to see. Love the noise background.

I would also like to point out some elements that stick out for me. The website header can look a little large for my laptop screen 768px high, especially since it's fixed (it takes a chunk out of the website). The repeat of the header's link in the footer is great, but since the header is fixed, it renders that obsolete. My suggestion is to make a fixed shopping cart bar, and leave the headers and footer to do their job or use the current header, but slim that down once the user scrolls down.

Another thing that caught my eye was the fonts. You shouldn't stray too far away from one type of font family. Other than that, your site looks great, clean and crisp. Good work.

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Your website is like what they said, clean and somewhat colorful. Only lacking is that the loading animation. Because you commercialize pictures, which is slow to be loaded, you should include an animation of it being loaded for a drastic but elegant design to complete the modernity of your website.

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I think the site is quite clean and easy to navigate. It really is clutter free and easy for the user to focus on what needs to be completed. Under the Free Icon tab though, there seems to be a charge for some icons which is a contradiction.

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Your website is great because of the simplicity of it. As soon as I entered your site I knew exactly what you where selling and what your business was about. I would like to make a recommendation on your sites navigation. The organization of your website can be hindered on how your site navigation is set up. Currently your navigation bar is set up as "free icons", "custom icons", "blog", "about us" and "contact". The navigation bar would benefit from adding a categories button. By adding categories users who are looking for a specific set of icons would benefit. It would eliminate your users from having to manually sort through the broad set up you currently have, making your site more efficient and user orientated.

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I really love the simplicity and flow of your page. It's easy to navigate and the design was nice as well.

As the user above me said I believe having categories would improve the ability to find the icon you would really want.

Overall very nice!

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I think your website lacks a good presentation in homepage ..
When you arive for the first time, it's not so easy to find out what your website deals about ....
Some text with the purpose of your website ... a bit of history ......would improve it ...
But it's only my point of view .....

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Clear and pleasant to use. I don't like bar at the top of the screen that goes with me when I'm scrolling. But it's probably has a lot of value in use, because the whole time I see links to major subpages and cart. Hmm, maybe it should be a little smaller?

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I really don't like the way your content is designed. The first thing that I notice is - For only $300 you can have all of our free icons - WHAT?? I understand that you are technically selling the licence and not the icon, but in my opinion, if I WAS looking to spend money on icons that kind of terminology would send me away from the site.

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I think you should add the search function so that users can find the icons that they need conveniently. You should know there are many other free icon websites available, they provide us with more free icons.

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Fantastic website Smiling I like it!

A minor flaw I noticed right off the bat is on some pages, your some of your words that at emphasized with colour also share the same style as links. This is very confusing and can actually result with people with visual impairments and other disabilities becoming frustrated with your site. It also goes against the W3C Content Accessibility Guidelines.

Another thing that I noticed, and this is purely my feeling about the site, is your sidebars are useless. If you had more relevant links or information that a user can use for the entire length of the site, it might make more sense. Otherwise, it's not anything you can place horizontally, place somewhere else on your site, or perhaps in a drop down menu. Clearing up that space would allow you content to expand horizontally and would read more fluently.

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Looks cool but icons can smaller in size and can add floation image in home page.....Smiling

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