Please review my site! (SurgEquip)

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Hi, can you please have a look at my website and let me know what you think. This is a school project for an e-commerce course. I'd appreciate any feed back you have to offer. Thank you.

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This looks good. I don't know anything about laproscopic instruments but I suppose this would be attractive to the audience.

The logo could definitely use some work. I find it odd that the logo is black but the rest of the site is mostly blue. The text underneath the logo is a little hard to read. It's an okay concept but it could just use some refinement. You could remove the "specializing in" which would leave more room for "laproscopic instruments".

The site seems to work well and I like the enlargement effect on the photos. That brings a modern touch. Watch the way you've handled the product listings - they looked liked Google ads to me.

Good job overall Smiling

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Thank you Megan for your feedback. I'll be making the changes you suggested.


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Not sure the academic level of the course you are doing and what level and complexity they expect the site to be at, so some of the following may be a little over the top. Such as the "PAGES" and "CONTACT" areas.
But as always I'll give a critique for a real e-commerce scenario.

The site is neat and tidy, easy to navigate.

I agree with Megan regarding the product listings. Simply having a blue textual link is a little "cheap". It is neat, but perhaps change the link colour to something else ... maybe the orange you have around the site?



I clicked on a product and then added it to my cart.
I was taken to the cart page where I changed the quantity of the product I had put in the cart to 3, and it then said I had "3" items in the cart.
While this may seem like splitting hairs, I don't actually have three items in the cart, I have one item with a quantity of 3.

Scenario - I have 3 different products in the cart (Grasper, Scissors, Forceps):
I expect to see "3"
Of those three products (items), if I had 2 Graspers, 1 pair of Scissors and 3 Forceps, it would show I had SIX items in the cart when I thought I only had 3 (Grasper, Scissors, Forceps)
I really would change this so the "items in cart" is simply the number of different products, and allow the cart page to show quantity as it already does.

There should be a way for me to empty the full cart should I wish to. And to remove a single item I "found" that I can enter a quantity of 0, but that should be stated clearly on the cart page.

Also, for some reason at one point my cart was emptied (??).

I cannot replicate how I managed that, but I had one product in the cart with a quantity of 3, viewed the products page again and some other pages.
Then on the products page I clicked the link in "You have 3 items in your shopping cart"
This took me to the cart page where I was confronted with:


You have no items in your shopping cart
Please check quantities...

You shopping cart is empty.

I suspect the cart code needs some more testing and work.



On the contact page you only have "email" and "message" as required fields.
Shouldn't it be required that people enter a subject and their name?
The subject can be found from the message, but how will you refer to them in your reply email without a name?

Also, I would avoid if possible having any mailto: code on the site. This is old technology and will bring spam if the site gets popular.
also, some people don't have default mail clients set up, and is a nuisance when their default mail client pops up and starts asking them to configure it all.

Perhaps for all the staff emails (on the Company.php) allow a link to the contact page with the "TO" being filled in with the name of the person from the company page.
Then in the sending mail code, determine who the "TO" is and send the email to their inbox.

if ($to == "Bob Smith"){
$mail_to_address = "";
$to == "Julie Williams"){
$mail_to_address = "";
}elseif etc
//if $to is empty just send to the generic email



I noticed the registration is not yet functional, when it is, I would suggest under the blue login/register bar a quick text why I should register.
I.E. "Register now and get blah blah"



On a note of the site structure and code, having a separate page for each product type is going to be manual work, and in the future if you have a large range of products, this can get messy.

You will need to add each product into the HTML by hand, and importantly change any prices etc.
This is fine if the site is to only ever have a small range of products, in fact it is arguably better for little content to avoid a database and PHP when it isn't really required.


If you need any help or advise on the above suggestions, such as the cart issues, don't hesitate to start a new topic in the relevant forum Smiling

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Thank you for your feedback.

The cart is not yet fully functional. I still need to work on it.
Your right about having the number of items in the cart showing the number of different items instead of quantity of items as a total. It would make more sense.

Thanks for the script. I've been trying to figure how to include a contact form on the Company.php page with a drop down box with the option to choose who the user wants to send an email to but as you suggested having each contact name linked to the Contact.php page is a good idea. Hopefully I can figure it out.

I had a login and registration system set up but I had trouble making it work properly so I left it out for now. For some reason when a user logs out from the Cart.php page it would generate an error.

Thanks again for all your suggestions.


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Again, if you need some help with things like the cart code, the email form and the login system, just start a new thread in the forums! Wink

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Font is very small make it better buddy..

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krates wrote:
Font is very small make it better buddy..

I agree, and add more content. its wiil be good for you.

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The site has a very professional look. I like the news tab which gives the latest in this field. One suggestion though : Description on the pages could be more. It is looking like there is a lot of extra room on the pages or else you could increase the font size.
Good luck !!

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This is a very well done site. The navigation through it is easy and that is something that is very important. The pages are clean and load relatively fast. You have a winner on your hands with this.

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I think the homepage is pale and too short. I suggest to add more featured content/image to homepage for good first impression.

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The site's design is nice and simple.

One of the first things I noticed is that your forgot password link in the top right is forgot passwprd, a simple typo.

On your Company page

We have been established since 1999.

Should be revised to something more like...
We were established in 1999
We have been in business since 1999

Altogether the site is very nice and simple and users would have no trouble finding there way around.

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