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I created this site because I couldn't find an online base converter that deals with floating point numbers. It is written in Javascript. What do you think of the site and design?

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Really nice design here friend. The only suggestion I have is that I think that it would be a good idea to swap around the banners! I could see a higher CTR if the Adsense unit was the first thing that a web user saw when he reached your site. That affiliate banner is catching on the eye and so naturally people will be drawn to it when they move down the page anyway. Very good.

Keep up the good work.

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Overall the site looks good and well balanced but possibly a little too much grey colour overall. One tiny comment would be for you to look at the very top line (first half)begining 'Conversions,substition,subtraction,multiplication, and division' which is in white reversed out of light blue, type might be better in black.


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Hi, I like the color scheme very much and I like the way you put it against a striking background. The only thing I would change is to move the google ads to the side and not to the top. I dont think thats the first thing you want your clients to see.

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Hi tox0tes,

nice chatting with you this afternoon Laugh

[I have the TWF RSS feed on my web site and tox0tes found my site in a search for the digitconvert URL - I have a meebo IM widget on my site that allowed tox0tes to chat with me about why this post is on my site - so we had a nice chat about RSS

Actually, I have the RSS feed for my site on my Coder's Corner profile, so it is conceivable that topics here will turn up there...]

I like the site a lot, it is clean and well-organized and a math geek's dream

I remember as a "gifted" student in the "New Math" curriculum in NYC in the 1960s I was calculating multiple bases in 3rd grade - couldn't do it now, but if I need to I know where to go!

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Hey Tox,

Great looking site. I think you would be fine w/ the banner/google ads in either of the locations. The biggest thing that I see is that the text on the header ("Conversions, addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division between base 2, base 4, base 5, base 8, base 12, base 16, base 20, base 24, base 36, and more! ") distracts from your logo a bit. It is too cluttered. I like the background that you have chosen for your header, I think it would be best left w/ just the logo.

Also, I might recommend filtering the comments a little bit. I can see the humor in some of the comments, but if I'm not mistaken, this site is designed for helping w/ homework in addition to other things? You don't want those comments to get out of hand and cause the site to get blocked by parental filters etc.. for having "inappropriate content."

Other than that, I'm impressed. That's some great use of JS and AJAX principles.

Brian Quinney

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Thanks for all your advice everyone. It is funny that you mention the part about filtering the comments because lately some school in Australia has been visiting the site and posting some very funny yet inappropriate comments. I have had to delete a few of them, but I really enjoy reading them and I think it offers the users of the site some humor. Yet, I am still worried about getting filtered by Safe Search and its effects on my search rankings. I don't know whether it's worth the fun. I have to admit that the first comment involving penile troubles was from a friend of mine in real life who couldn't resist, and I think his comment sparked a trend that has gotten a little out of hand.

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well, I thought the colors were great. And the red logo at top really popped out. I liked that you had your email address in little letters at bottom of page. I need to do that kind of thing in my website. As far as content, I can't tell you much becuase I have no idea what your content was about. I guess I didn't get that high in school or something. But your fill out fields worked well, I think. Sorry, I couldn't be more helpful. I am new at this.

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