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We have recently updated our website and need all critics to make it better. Please feel free to send your ideas. We are a Yahoo! Store Design company.


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I think I have already reviewed the same site possibly in webdigity...


The overall theme feels at home at your current site purpose and it looks ok for the type of site. The site services also is unique and marketing enticements look really enticing... Site loads pretty fast too...

Although if you still need more success with the site, make it appear more homely and softer, less corporate and less boxed in...

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Well I would have to say that the site in well laid out and organized. But it doesnt really visually stimulate me. The color scheme is light and you should mix it up with some animated advertisements and banners. To connect visually with the masses. Its like advertising a product on television, they find a way to connect the product personally with people. People respond better if you can do this. They remember the product more with association. Hope this helps. Good luck.

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Overall the site is perfect even if we look at designing and colours but i agree with lorily as you must give it some animalted or image ads to make it lively Smiling

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Colors seems to be ok, but when i take a look at the logo icon I was scared. Probably you should change it, the writing on the logo is ok, but the icon is not.

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The first thing I noticed on the website is that the navigation bar is very clear and makes it easy to move around the site. The second major and noteworthy part of the website is the clear 100% customer satisfaction banner, with customer support. However, one of my main concerns for the website is the color presentation. The blue and green for the titles text are difficult to see and read. I recommended to change the color of the text to a more visible color like dark blue or even just using the same colors but with a background that sets the color of the text off. In addition, the logos and some of the logo text is in neon green. This too was very difficult to read as it was hurting my eyes to look at it. Overall the site was structurally sound.

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The website has a great layout, the colours don't quite do it for me though. The navigation is great, until it goes to the green.. that kind of kills it for me. Perhaps less underlined links would improve the layout also. I don't see a privacy policy either, if I was to purchase something from you, I'd like some indication that my information is safe with you(if it exists, perhaps it should be more accessible). I do like the fact that I'd be able to contact you though, that's been made clear and I also understand what I'd be purchasing also(useful).

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I agree with demonhale about the homely-feel. While your website definetly seems on par with most business websites I see (in layout, styling, etc.), ive never been a huge fan of the style, it comes across as very... I guess sterile would be the word. For analogy, its like the difference of walking into your home, verse walking into a hospital operating room.

I also find everything cluttered, as in the mainpage just seems way too busy, too much links and stuff. This is just my personal opinion though on what I like about certain websites, im sure others prefer sites designed and laid out this way, they must, because I see tons of websites with identical layouts and styling daily.

The link colors as has been mentioned might be hard to see on some peoples computers depending on their monitors brightness and contrast values. All the links and text appears very clear and easy to read color-wise, but again, this would be my compuers monitor settings and those who have a higher brightness and lesser contrast values might find it hard to read certain colored text/links.

I like the color scheme of the background and also the ease of navigating with the main navigation bar which is well placed and easy to follow.

Hope that helps! I think alot of this stuff is subjective to the individual viewers preference and also the settings of their monitor.

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hi, i like the design but the left hand site green color is not going to this website plz think about it. and some of the font color i don't like honestly..

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The color scheme and the overall look of the website is awesome I love the new design. The downside in my eyes has to be all the text. I know information is always a plus to have, but for some reason it just feels overwhelming on your website and when browsing your website I'm not sure where to start reading. Other then that the design, look, and overall feel of your website is awesome.

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When first seeing your site, I am overwhelmed with information. First of all, I don't know what Yahoo! Store enhancement is... it's a little ambiguous. On the home page, I would like to see larger, more emphasized text - the text that you want me to see first because right now, everything seems equally important, yet there is too much to handle. Maybe include a boxed section called "Completed Projects" with thumbnails of stores you have enhanced. That is the best indicator of a company's prowess.

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I think the overall design is nice but a little bit too cluttered. There are too many links and so on.

First of all, I think you should make your menu on the left collapsible or just cut out the sub-links (leave just the dark blue ones). There are so many links there, it is very confusing.

The "add to" links at the bottom are all different sizes and look very unproffesional.

The row of links directly below your header are not as wide as your main content or the light green bar at the top. Also, they have rectangular sides, whereas both of the others have rounded edges. Consider making this row of links somehow better integrated into the design.

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A very pro looking website.
The thing I first noticed was the light grey text on a white background on the RH side, I had to look harder to read what it said, use black.
Also the top green menu - the text is barely readable with the colours used, I nearly didn't see it at all.

I hope this helps.

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I like it, however If I would change one thing it would be the user bar on top. Take the "live help" and move it somewhere else, and put the number where it is at. It'll give it more space and a little less clutter.

Other than that I clicked around the site and thought everything else looked good. Nice work.

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