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Now, my site is a traffic exchange, but I have a new twist to it. It is also a networking and directory site. So be sure you give me a overall review. I am trying to build a complete Community, with a bonus of having a traffic exchange to.......Thanks Alice

Traffic Exchange

Community Area

Although it is all one site Please review both areas

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I'm at a loss!

There is so much flashy things and whirly stuff jumping out at me I truly don't know where to click, what to look at or even what on earth the site is about or for?
Not sure which site it is, but one of them is a huge resource as my CPU was maxed out and browser groaned under the strain.

Sincerely I don't mean to be rude, but all I see are advertisements and other spammy looking stuff. I see no content, nothing to read or look at.

I know the purpose of the site is to sell trade and advertise others' sites, but no one will stay long enough to view them, which makes it a bit pointless.

As an advertiser I see nothing telling me what I get, how much, what advantages there are etc.
As a visitor all I see is spammness and stuff even my gran knows not to click on.

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Looks to me like just anouther traffic site .. there are so many of them that most people wont go near them simply because 99% of them are scams... dont know about yours, the design scared me away

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Is it a traffic exchange??

I feel the site is 'TOO' crowded with ads and there's no quality content worth reading. Not flashy and way too conventional and old-looking. Can do much better.

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I don't mean to be disrespectfull, but all I want to do was to get out of there as soon as possible. I apologize if this offends you in any way, I assure you that is not my intention.
Anyway, I think that combination of yellow and black is not very good.
I understand that you want it to be "Hot Yellow..." however, you could have the yellow background and have you content in a clean presentable form. Speaking of the content, I could not focus on any from all the ads and flashy things. Also, what is the purpose of having a picture of Administrator posted? I hope you chose a cleaner look and wissh you all the best.


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The Functionality of the page: it loads quickly, however, I feel like I am looking at a pop-up ad. The page is so busy I'm not sure where to find the product you're offering. There are several links on the page, but again, I'm not sure which link is an advertisement or the intended product you're offering. In a survery done on E-commerce websites some features that annoy customers are text that moves (59.9%). The moving text on your site adds to the feeling of a pop-up ad. Pop-up ads are the number one item of annoyance for customers and as I said your entire site feels like one big pop-up ad. I think the appearance is poor, the color, fonts, and format are too much, the page is too loud, needs some toning down.

It might also be a good suggestion to put a contact link under your picture and name. Provide customers a way to contact you if they need to do so.

These are the eight most important factors in successful e-commerce site design found in E-Commerce: Business, Technology, & Society 2009 by Kenneth Laudon and Carol Traver -

Functionality: pages that work, load quickly, and point the customer toward your product

Informational: Links that custoemrs can easily find to discover more about you and your products

Ease of use: Simple fool-proof navigation

Redundant Navigation: Alternative navigation to the same content

Ease of Purchase: one or two clicks to purchase product

Multi-browser functionality: Site works with the most popular browsers

Simple graphics: Avoids distracting, obnoxious graphics and sounds that users cannot control

Legible text: Avoids backgrounds that distort text or make it illegible.

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First of all, I commend you for your effort and willingness to take on web design. Now the next thing I say is meant to only be constructive criticism, so please don't take offense. Your website looks like it was designed in 1998. Again, don't be offended, this is easy to correct. I suggest you start by checking out modern design trends. There are some really great articles on this at SmashingMagazine.Com. If you go through those, and see how sites are looking these days, and can upgrade your site's look, you will also upgrade your visitor's initial impression of your site 1000%. Also take what I say with a grain of salt - in some cases, you may actually want to go for a simple look and feel, it all depends on who your audience is.


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Looks so much flashy.! Need much more work on color combination.

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I would suggest keeping the yellow background of the text to a minimum. It's quite a neat effect - rather like a fluorescent hilighter - but it loses impact if used throughout the page.

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too much yellow.

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