Please review my new wedding website

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As this is my first foray in to large website design, i would like your feedback on my wedding website

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Hi Weddings_Zone,

Welcome to the forums! My apologies for taking so long to review your site.

This is very good for a start. The design is well done, inviting, and suitable for the topic. There is obviously a lot to do on the site, and the home page has many ways of drawing people further into the site.

One thing you should watch out for is what the viewer sees "above the fold" when they first load the page (that is, the part of the screen that appears in the browser window before the user scrolls; especially if they were on a smaller laptop or an iPad). On a lot of pages there isn't a lot happening there. Even on the home page much of that space is taken up by a big chunk of text that nobody is going to read and ads. The interesting stuff is further down.

In general the site also seems a bit spammy to me. There are some areas where I can't tell if something is an add or not (e.g. the articles block on the home page looks like it could be Google ads, partially because the text is styled differently from the box next to it). There is also a lot of repetition of the word "Wedding" in spammy sounding keyword phrases. This might be an okay strategy while you're building yourself up in search engines, but eventually it's going to be a turn-off to actual people, and they will go elsewhere (and take their backlinks and referals with them).

I hope that helps! Good luck with your site Smiling

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I like the site and its layout.

You may be able to make it a little more user friendly on the home page. You have a limited amount of text to describe what the site is about. It would make it easier if you had links to the pages you were talking about in the text. To save having to scroll back up and navigate the menu at the top. For example "In the resources and planning guides" it might be useful to have a straight link to that section.

Also it might be my screen but some of the pictures look a little fuzzy and blurred.

Hope this helps you and your site is successful.

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Hi There,
Your site looks good except I find it strange to see a bride up in a tree. That was funny. Otherwise, the site looks great. I agree the other person that said it could be a little more user friendly.
Best Wishes,

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The site subject matter makes my wallet and I shiver but a good portal for shopping nevertheless.

It looks like a very high maintenance site though. Personally, I would consider a greater use of php. By keeping actual content down to a minimum on the page and have the page calling sub pages for the various sections, it makes things easier to maintain. It would also be easier to change sub sections of the pages without rewriting whole pages. Also common content can be embedded in multiple pages easily.

I run a largish website for a local council who constantly want pages adding, deleting or changing and couldn't manage without php includes.

I did like the 'bride up a tree' though Wink


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I like the functionality of your website. From the user perspective I would think about removing some of the drop-down links under wedding suppliers and wedding planning. If visitor is presented with too many choices it might happen that he'll loose interest and leave. I really advise you to remove the section "Weddings Zone Keyterms" on the bottom-right area of your website. It is unnecessary and has no value for your visitors.

The last design tip would be to change the footer copyright and navigation area. Add some padding on the sides and change color of the footer navigation to be more visible. It makes it easier for visitors to click there than to scroll back up.

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Hi there;

The website’s navigation bar is clear and helpful. The color and speed of the website are also excellent. The first thing I would recommend is to clean up the pages a little bit. They are cluttered and disorganized which inhibits the websites from successful usability. The excess ‘stuff’ makes it distracting for the user which diminishes their experience when on the website as there is an increased learning curve when navigating the site. It is also not a very memorable website. I would suggest making a logo a main part of the theme to identify the site to the business, and maybe add a photo gallery that is neatly organized so users can see some of your successful services.

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I found the content to be quite well organized and easy to read. It was easy to navigate and the content was well-organized and informative as well as relevant. The content was current and up to date and the overall form was consistent and utilized a well-constructed colour scheme. The search engine was well-organized and easy to access. The online payment was simple to use and the site was mobile-friendly.

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I find your Menu too busy. There's too much information and then when you click one there's just more links or tags. Obviously, you have not finished it, my impression.
As for the home page, it is quite nice and it is easy to now what your web site is all about. Your forum is the most used area of your site.
All in all it is a good web site.

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I like the color and theme of the site.
Thinks that I noticed:
- The site has fairly busy menu and text, with too many links. On some pages its hard to tell if its a further link to the topic or an advertisement link ""
- Images do not show up on "" page

Overall a good idea!!


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Hi there,

Here is my thought. I hope this helps.
First of all, I have received a positive impression looking at your website. As you know the home page is the face of your website that needs to be in its best. I would apply the following minor changes to make it more professional and appealing.

1- The bottom of the home page main content area is not aligned with right side panel. either add more content or remove the last 6 thumbnails from the right panel.
2- The footer looks a bit odd. It's a page itself. Again try to make it balance the first column provide a long list of information but the middle and last column are not. I would display only the last 3 forum posts instead of 5. You may want to provide 3 tweeter announcement to make a balance.

Good luck.

Weddings_Zone wrote:

As this is my first foray in to large website design, i would like your feedback on my wedding website

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Hello Weddings Zone!

I actually like your site. It's quite pleasant to look at and not harsh on my eyes. I noticed that your site isn't responsive and even tough it fits on screens fine, it is becoming more important that sites are responsive~. The site is laid out quite well and follows block placement correctly. I don't believe it would be to much effort to make your site responsive.

Additionally, I noticed there is missing content on pages, such as:

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your website looks attractive, and i also design on weeding styles so it's helpful for me to learn new things from your site, the thing is feel missing is in home page left side looks empty it seems all traffic is sent to right side and some links you created doesn't shows anything may be you planning to add more features in future.In general all good.Smiling

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