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Hello Web Proffesionals,

I just recentaly went live with and need as much opinion as guys can give me. Design, content, layout, seo, etc. Thanks a bunch,

T. Angelino

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Hi T. Angelo,

THis is an interesting idea for a site. It would be really cool to be able to do this for different countries. I sometimes find myself comparing the same orders on and (the US site has lower prices and a lower limit for free shipping, but you also get charged a customs fee at the border).

I think the layout here is kind of sparse looking. With a topic like this I would expect to see a lot more on a page - maybe that's Amazon's design cauing me to have certain expectations. I would widen the layout and add more featured products to the home page. On the topic pages you could have 2 or 3 columns of listed books. On the individual book pages you could condense the information about the book significantly, which would put the pricing tables closer to the top of the page.

In the header, I expected the compare/shop icons to be links. It's kind of confusing that they're not. The explaination under the logo, plus the icons & labels, plus the explaination on the home page make for a bit too much explaination. The title really says it all. It would be better to remove those icons and put a search box in the header.

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Thank you for the good feedback Megan:>

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Hello T. Angelo

I also love the idea and overall the look of the site. I also think though that the home page is lacking. I dont think that there are quiet enough products on the page and that the entire page looks very small on the screen.

I will say that I am using a widescreen but think the site could look fuller if you had more graphic/picture content on the page.

I would also just like to point out that when you click into a category you are taking it it and a subcategory section is then visable. This is great but if you want to go back to the home page there is no real visable way to do this. I clicked the back button but most people look for a link or bottom to take them back.

I love the idea of the site and the simplicity of the design, i.e. not using too much colour.


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