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The Landing is a community based forum. We have 19 members so far and we're still growing.

This is my first actually successful forum and I would like to make it better. So any ideas on how to improve would be greatly appreciated!

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Hi I visited your site and I think its ok... I'd give it a 6 out of 10
It does need more work.
- You might want to change your logo
- make your site menu a little clearer and bigger
- the words are too close on the cell sides
- I suggest you change your background color to something more plain and simple, something that is easy on the eye.

Good luck!

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hi, just visited your site and it looks cool Smiling
-i agree to kanonfire, you might want to change your logo 'coz it's too simple.
-i agree to kanonfire, make your menu a little bit larger because there are some people who will find it hard to see it.
-make your site a little bit livelier. Smiling

rating: 7/10

keep up the good work!! Smiling

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I loved the color of your background. The logo needs to be smaller. The menu was hard to find and I couldn't figure out what type of forum this is. Can anyone get on and talk about whatever we want? Some direction of what type of crowd you are trying to attract would help.

I hope this helps:-)

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Hello, Jaron!

My opinion on the site is that the images seem badly made, the background is a bit boring and everything seems crowded. Maybe space things out? Anyway, if you can improve on these things you'll have a good chance in the future!


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Didn't have much to say as it need to register to check inner pages. First of all i think you should show all forum threads or categories on home page, That will encourage users to participate, other wise user cant understand, whats the forum about. And that will also help full in SEO way.

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too big logo, no content on the home page. no ads on site. Looks like a site from late 90s. You gotta get better on this dude.

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I would try to loose that big grey logon box and get something a bit more stylish, if thats not possible put it at the top of the page and have its edges meet up with the edges of your backround, then use a white border background on each side behind that. this should let you get the layout sorted abit more.

Just had a look at Kanonfires site, very nice.

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didn't liked the banner.I think you need to redesign it.
The color combination is not good.
You dont you switch to Vbulletien theme.Its much better and stylish.

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-The logo, as mentioned prior, is very large.
-There is no indication of what type of forum this is, nor what type of content is contained within this forum.
-The navigation bar needs to be larger.
-Background is nice, however it doesn't fit the color scheme of your logo.

Giving more content information on the page would be very helpful to an individual coming to your site and deciding whether or not to join. At present, I would have no idea what type of forum I'd be joining or the sort of content that I would find within.


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Didn't liked the forum at all.The layout is not outdated and the banner logo is too big.I think you better switch to vbulliten and look for nice and cool looking template

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The background color looks well, but for Logo it's really too big and not looking good. So I think you can make it small.

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1.- Agree with all the people here, Logo Smaller
2.- THe Background for me is too 'Windows Vista'


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