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Please critique my new online blu-ray store,

Would you buy from my site?
What turns you away from my site, if anything?
What can I change to better your experience?

I understand the bottom white space is rather large, however this is a limitation to my Amazon aStore needing to be 4000px. If anyone has any hints to fix that, I would appreciate it alot.

Your comments/suggestions/criticism are greatly appreciated.

Thanks all!

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The site is easily navigate-able, and yes, I would buy from it. Mainly because I would really be buying from Amazon, and not from a small, unknown site.

I guess the main question is why would I buy from your site instead of going to Amazon? Are your prices lower? Do you have special buying information? I like the Blu-Ray Tip about the HDMI cable scam. I would expand that tip section to something like a full blog and provide information on the Blu-Ray standard and make the Amazon store sort of a side-thing that people can click on once they learn about Blu-Ray discs and are convinced they need to start buying some movies in that format.

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why would I buy from your site instead of going to Amazon?the buying information not seen . design is ok . i like the blue colour. and the banner shining!!!!

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I think you need to highlight your products more. The text content up top seems more suited for an about us page and you should move your "blu rays' movie section to up top. The featured blu ray movie could go in a sidebar box below the amazon info. keeping the amazon info and most of the items you are selling is probably a good bet. And pop the blu ray tips box down the sidebar, it's taking away from your buying section. Your running a store, not a tech review site right?

Yes, I would buy, amazon is a trusted name. If you made my suggestions I would be more apt to buy.

The busy background kinda clashes with the blue. I think a solid dark or neutral background might fit better.

On the buy pages where the product description is...the bulk text really turns me off...but since I would probably already know the movie I want to buy I don;t think it matters so much.

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