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Hi All,

My first large-scale site was a lot of hard work to create. I would appreciate an SEO and design review and don't worry, I'm not super senstitive!

thanks in advance!

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This looks really good. DId you work from a template or is this custom? Either way it looks great. I like that it doesn't look too wedding-ish but is still appropraite.

There are a few small adjustments that could make this even better:

  • increase the transition time on the slideshow just a bit. I found that there wasn't enough time to read the text and look at the picture before it changed again.
  • the relationship between teh serif and sans-serif fonts is a bit off. I think it's because the sans is Trebuchet which is a really modern, informal typeface. I think it looks a lot better in Helvetica
  • Some of the spacing is a bit off here and there. LIke in the top navigation menu, there is more space below the text than above. That should be evened out. SImilarly, in the bottom section with the images there is more space above the image and below. In the articles, there are extra paragraphs in between paragraphs which makes it look like there's too much space in between.
  • I think it's a bit weird that the blue bar, which is more prominent, just contains the search while the main navigation is in the less prominent white area below. Or do you want to prioritize the search instead of the navigation? Try moving the search up to the very top in the dark area where the News link is (why is that up there by itself anyway?) and putting the main navigation in the blue bar
  • The forum theme needs work. It's way, way too pink and doesn't seem to flow with the design of the rest of the site. Try to find some better icons too.
  • The blog seems to be just about the site itself (boring!). It would be cool to get some knowledgeable people to blog on the site. That would provide a lot of fresh content. Professionals in the field would be good, or you could find some brides to be and ask them to write about their planning process.

Nice job overall Smiling

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I have seen your site
It looks very nice.You should use more colors in your site.So it will look bright.
Otherwise Great work Smiling

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Thanks for the honest and constructive feedback Megan. I'm going to look into each of your suggestions.

thanks also whwkim

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Well everything I was going to say has been said, however you should consider looking at the W3C Code Validator it seems at first looks you have 180 errors and 52 warnings, so it may pay to take a look, but overall nice site

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Yes that's certainly an issue. I hate untidy and improper code.
Not sure if it is a ranking dealbreaker with the Big G though!

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From what I see it is a lot of little issues, sit down for half an hour and just hit them on the head and you'll fix them all Smiling Good luck

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I really like the visual and typographical aspects of it. Good content, too, the top menu is easy to use.

The navigation is good too (fast and responsive) and the amount of high-color images really brings the site together.

Good stuff.

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