Please help me to review my website, thanks !!!

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Hi all,

Please review my website related to Buy hip hop beats. I am selling products related to royalty free top quality beats from top hip hop producers. Kindly watch my website and share your suggestion with us to more improve our website. Thank you very much for your reviewing and your suggestion.

My website is: Buy hip hop beats

Thanks very much !!!

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hi..i reviewed your site..its good but if you want to know from seo point of view then first thing is your domain is going to expire engines prefer to domains registered for a longer time period..also the images on your site does not have alt text which is very important...

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I have reviewed your website. It's very nice design structure and layout, easy to navigate. I liked it very much. The site having older domain is preferred by search engines to be shown in search engine results.

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The main thing that bothered me was that when I moused over one of the navigation tabs it changed colors like I'd expect a link to do when I mouse over it. So I clicked, and nothing happened. Turns out I was over the tab and not over the link. Changing tab colors is perfectly fine, just don't do it if I can't click and actually go somewhere.

Also, on your header you have Santa covering up some of the methods you accept for payment. That's really not a good idea.

Red on gray text just doesn't work at all. On all of the pages where you do that I would switch it to white or a really light gray.

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The Father Christmas over the payment options bothered me too. Also it says "Marry Christmas"?
Must be a dating site Smiling

I found it easy enough to use, but my main problem is that I just don't know what you are selling. You may think that if I don't know what your product is then I am not going to be likely to buy - but you never know! A free sample would be good.
(Ah - just went back to the site and saw the "Play" column. I take back most of what I said - but still don't want to Marry Christmas Smiling )


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This seems a mature site with good design and neat layout.
It must be contain lots of info,but i really dont know what you sell,haha.
Forgive me my poor english level,but i think its more better to build up some pictures about the goods that you sell as i can quickly catch the meaning in your site.

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