New website ( Tutorial ,Software , free hosting directory ) please..

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Hi all
I just created a website with a software , tutorial and script cgi directory .
Software and Script cgi are classificated by Characteristics .
Tutorial directory covers all the computer world( OS , programming , virtualization , graphic , web browser , cms ,..... )
You will also find a free hosting directory .
This website translated in four languages ( french , english , spanish , portugues )

I plan to add new sections to this website very soon .
Ressources are added on a daily basis .
Please feel free to visit my website , like it and give me some feedbacks and moost of all keep in touch with it .
my website adress:
my facebook page :

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I find your website very rough, I looked at the source and it seems as though your using the the table design method which unfortunately makes everything look like its been placed in a box.

I also find the bright green and blue text very hard to read.

I think it would be wise to have someone you know that has some experience with newer front-end web technologies help you create something at little more up to date.

If you have the time, maybe look at bootstrap?

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Very bright, disorganized, the blue links are very hard to read with the green as well. Because you are using tables text becomes very jumbled when on smaller screens such a phones. So as jshdvrs said above I would take a look at Bootstrap as it would allow you more control over the position of your elements than tables.

There is also some "0" in the most popular software section that I am not sure what they belong too.

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