New here, masters please review my website (Bridges Travel & Tourism)

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hi guys new here, can you please review my website, and can you please give me comments, suggestions and of course advises...

thanks a lot...

your replies will help me a lot to improve my designs and development Laughing out loud

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Bump - thread now open

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Here's the website I found through AveSatani_666's profile.

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Overall, i like this site. It looks good, the only real change i'd recommend is making the background blue in the top banner a bit lighter so your logo stands out more.

Any reason for your 'Global Menu' not linking anywhere?

From an SEO point of view, perhaps you want to think how you can turn some textual images into just plain text. I'd have a description introduction paragraph to your company. Take a look at your title tag, it is too long and a bit unfocused. I'd do some keyword research along the lines of holidays in the Indian Ocean (i doubt anyone searches for holidays in the "southeast asian region").

Other than that, keep working on your incoming links, write some articles and press releases etc.

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This site looks kind of complicated, but I think that's normal for a site like this. You could try to unify the design and colours used. For example, the "Global menu" in the middle of the page uses a greenish background colour that isn't really used elsewhere.

There are a lot of graphics on here that look like ads. I'm actually not sure which are ads and which are not. Any graphics that are promoting things on your site should be styled to look like they're a part of this site and not an ad. Again, keep the design style and colours consistent.

I think the logo could use some work as well. The glob and swoosh around it is kind of dated looking. That's a design that was commonly used in the late-90's. Then you've got that "web 2.0" reflection thing going on. That reflection has a certain look to it that really only goes with a design of a certain look - very clean, using bright colours, and using a "shiny"effect on other graphics. It doesn't fit well with the design of this site. The logo shoudl always link back to the home page.

Your title tag should be more concise and include more keywords rather than a complete sentence. What you have on the home page reads more like a description. I think it should also be shorter - I forget what the character limit is on title tags but I'm guessing it might be around 65? This needs to be shorter.

This is what you have:

"Bridges Travel and Tours - We promote tourism in the Southeast Asian region offering hotels, historical corregidor, diving sites, world-class resorts and beaches in Asia and in the Philippines at the best affordable rates."

That would be a good meta description but it's too long for a title tag. A good title tag might be:

Travel and Tourism in the Philippines and Southeast Asia - Bridges Travel and Tours


Bridges Travel and Tours: Travel deals in Southeast Asia and the Philippines


Hotels, Flights, Diving tours, Resorts in Southeast Asia and the Philippines

You should really do some keyword research to find out what you should be targetting. Then fit those into your title tag.
Mixes of keywords for each page should be included in title tags for individual pages. Make sure you're not doing too much duplication though. Titles should always be unique and cover different keywords.

As Rob said, you should try to get some more text on your home page. If you look at the source code it's really just a bunch of links and code. Having some text gives the search engine something to read.

Speaking of the Philippines, I haven't seen demonhale around here lately... hmmm...

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