need feedback on a new website (Hostingberg)

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Hello everyone,
I have just finished developing this website. I am moved the site from tables to complete CSS divs and it took me a very long time to do that. I have specially concentrated on the details of the website.

I would like some feedback!


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You have made a nice website, i have used the contact form to ask for Corporate Internet Solutions to be added there. Many Thanks.

I am impressed and i believe that your site will go far my friend.

I have linked to you now, my site now has a link there to yours.

(Please add us to the hosting list under Linux Hosting or Shared Hosting.

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Overall I would say it's neat.
Well laid out and not too cluttered.

I don't however like some of the colours with the black background.
The top and botton blue nav links banner is fine.
The green links could be a better choice of green (or different colour), and some of the bright neon blues and purples clash a little with the black and other colours.

The top right logo with "Community" text seems to be losing a bit under the blue nav bar.
Maybe that was intentional, but to me it appears like something just hasn't been lined up correctly.
EDIT- now I look again, it looks like that is actually the image in full. I would clear the bottom bit and just have the complete "atoms around nucleus" image. Or if it's supposed to be a reflection then it needs to look more like a reflection.

And maybe put a 15px (or whatever) margin on the very bottom of the page. Your last links and whatnot are right on the edge.

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The layout and design here is generally good. The design has impact and the colour scheme is good.

I'm a more concerned about the wording and the language here. The tagline "Achieve power through support" sounds good at first but when you think about it there isn't much meaning there. Power through support? What the heck Wink

When I first looked at the site I wasn't clear on whether this is a hosting company or a site that tries to help people find a suitable hosting company.

A lot of the wording on the site is really ackward. If English isn't your native language you should have someone go over this for you. Take the opening paragraph:

Hostingberg supports web developer, web designers, newbies, business owners and other professionals to select the best and the most profitable Web Hosting within their budget constraint.

With long sentences it's often helpful to shorten them temporarily so you can check the grammar:

Hostingberg supports people to select the best and the most profitable Web Hosting within their budget constraint.

See how this is wrong now? "Supports people to select"?? Also, web hosting should be lower case here. It's not a proper noun. Also, if "web developer" should be plural here.

I wouldn't say that web hosting is "profitable" for most people (unless you're reselling). For the majority it's an expense, not an opportunity to make a profit.

Remember when writing for the web that it's always best to remove extra words if you can. Try this:

Hostingberg helps web developers, web designers, newbies, business owners and other professionals select the best web hosting solution within their budget.

The main menu also has writing problems - there should be spaces in between all of those words. Shared Host not Sharedhost. If you're doing that to save space you need to rethink the menu design, not compress spacing so it will fit.

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Finally a constructive critique...thanks Megan & Greg! I am thinking to rewrite the introduction in better wordings and defninitly working on those menu spaces...I thought i would give a new idea to web hosting reviews by providing dynamic reviews next to each host and not just being an affiliated website...yeah i wanna run the website but offer them honest information by customers....

Thanks... will be updating website soon.

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Things are looking good, your colour scheme seems alright and you have high quality images.

The only thing I wasn't too sure about was the orange buttons, but they blend well with the black.

Good job.

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Your site is good. {{ link removed }}

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The "Click here to ...." links under every main category are really unneccessary, and distracting. The Category name itself is already the link. The orange click here button makes that section very ugly.

In your blue bar at the top and bottom, the text is very crowded, consider either using smaller or narrower font or maybe reduce the amount of text. It might also be useful to separate the elements there from one another somehow.

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The general layout of the site looks pretty good, here is one thing I would change. The top blue navigation bar looks way to crowded, I would recommend and some kind of divider lines or separate the category's a little better. I am using firefox 3 at 1280x768. Otherwise good job on the layout.

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