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Hey All,

I have a designer working on the site so changes shall be made and i am looking for comments, critiques and sugestions that i could put forward.

The site is basicly a company site for a company of mine, (Kent Computer Services)

The site address is:


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One more:

sent earlier via email:


(a lot of n00bs jump right into posting questions on the forum without reading the documentation)

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From looking at the site the first thing I think of is the way the site works internally, and it seems to me that it is most like a blog with three different categories, so I would suggest Wordpress over Joomla.

The colors look a little off on my screen the menu blue/green is more green than the heading image.

The rest looks good.

The grammar looks a little choppy
example: My Computer is Slow?
Should be: Why is my computer slow?

The theme you are using has the xhtml and css validated links and when clicked they are not valid, 22 xhtml errors and 2 css errors!

Other than those problems the site looks good!

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Other than the banner up top, the front page is just text.

Every link I click on takes me to a box that says "Filter" with day, month and year. Not sure what that is.

And your "Contact" tab leads me to a page that says "Support"

And as cmoyer said, the grammer is a little choppy. Fix those things and I think the site will be great!

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As stated above, i have a designer working on it. There are changes being made all the time, and i am looking to promote this site as a place for free computer advice and guides, aswell as a computer company (Which is Kent, UK only really - Since thats where we are based)...

I am looking for computer issues (Which) are day to day issues that could be resolved or prevented using FAQ's and Guides.

All comments are appreciated and thanks for the suggestions and comments, they have been noted and passed on.

~ Mike

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This looks a bit better than when I looked at it yesterday. You have the blues matched up between the header and the navbar now. Looks like the headers on the sidebar are in the old blue though.

I think the graphics need a lot of work. Right now the site is looking very generic and low quality. Which might be fine if you want to make yourself look like a friendly local shop, but it seems that you are trying to compete as a general computer help resource. There's a lot of competition in that area, so doing something more interesting with the graphics & colour scheme would be good (that's a very generic blue you're using).

I agree with cmoyer that the writing is choppy in places. The spacing of paragraphs on the home page is odd, and I think the font size should be a size or two bigger. Remember that you're targetting people who aren't too computer-savvy.

In the only article that's here now, "Why is my computer slow"? you only provide help for Windows. If you're only providing help for Windows operating systems you should make that clear up front. Again, the text formatting here is poor - lists that aren't lists, line breaks in weird places.

Why is your title "Welcome to the Frontpage"? You should use the actual title of
the site there, or - better yet - a short phrase with some keywords for search engines.

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All is in good hand, but i am glad that you are all pointing these things out.

We still have 18 more days to get the site done, (Well my designers do). I am aware of the typos and i am working on those over time and i shall be adding more information regarding other operating systems, etc.

The "Welcome to the frontpage" will be gone, by time of site release.

Thanks and further comments are welcome.

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I took a look at the site and I have to say that something about the content directly drew me to it before I even looked at the rest. I believe it is how the first part is in bold. Changing that title would be a great idea since "welcome to" doesn't really add anything to the site and search engines are not thrilled about it as much as you may think.

Aside from that it did read very poorly to me. To be honest it seemed very stuffed with keywords and had a lot of repetitiveness to it. The first line said something like "Kent company in the UK acting like a company in Kent UK." It just didn't appeal to me as a reader.

The background and text color work great in my opinion. I wouldn't change it. As far as the rest goes I understand it is still being worked on. I think shrinking the top graphic would be great... put more on your site content.

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Thanks for the comments and suggestions on the site. I am starting to add more over time, so you may not notice many changes but suddenly BANG!, lots more content.

The design is still being worked on and feedback is always appreciated.

If anyone has any unique content which is a computer FAQ/Guide that they would like to be placed onto the site in exchange for a link on a resources and research page, then please feel free to email me;


Michael Swan

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very nice site!
easy to navigate...great work.
can I please suggest to change the blue color you used
it hurts the eye and it's too bright. try viewing the page
with the lights out, you'll know what I mean.

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Nice website Mike, not sure I like that
"SEO Marketing by Online Creations, LLC" link though
thats the only thing I can think of that needs fixing Smiling

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I believe that i shall change that right now actually Nick.

Members; Nick is my SEO Specialist and is working on

SO, i think i shall add your link there Nick; Damm Designers.

Still looking for reviews, content suggestions or unique articles in exchange for a small banner on the article footer.

Check out the site to see what i me.


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The look is good.
I think a better logo would be much better.
You should look at the ads.Its overlapping the content of your website.The ads in the right side.

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