IT Support website - please critique

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Hi, this is about the fifth time I've built this site as I've never really been happy with it. I'm quite happy now with the look of it but not some of the text.

Please take a look and let me know what you think could be changed or improved.


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Why are you directing Linux browsers to your (incomplete) mobile version?

No point in having a mobile version if there's nothing there. If you direct people to the main site at least they could see something.

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I don't really know how to do a proper redirect, I found this code and put it in. I had to do it as it looks awful on the iphone and I couldn't figure out why. It wont be long until the mobile version is complete.

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I miss the opportunity of seeing your previous design but with todays looks, your choice of color is pleasant to the eyes and the banner above as a work of technical art.

In your About Us page, there is an image that do not display and it is clickable to a home page (yes it says Home Page) that is empty, you may take a look at it. Smiling

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Okay firt things first, the W3C Validator psses our site with 0 errors and 0 warnings Smiling
Next I agree with all the above posts, I like your use of colour (or color if USA). And how the "light" effect is carried through your banner buttons at the side of your site, it really ties it all together. Overall well done.

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Very sweet design. Nothing really else to say to that. Browsing the site, I found a couple issues, mainly it looks (and is) incomplete in a few spots:

There are a ton of dead links in the footer. I would hide the links until those pages are complete.

I would do a quick edit of the routers on Have them match the background of the page.

The contact form is submitted to a 404 page. I would hate to spend the time filling it out only to see it goes nowhere.

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You should use title="name of link" for links.
You should use alt="name of image" for image.
Try to use h2-h6
Add some meta tags

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Looks quite smart overall.
Personally I'd have put a thin "border" on that top blue image, as sitting directly against the grey looks a little unfinished (images/background.jpg). Probs a darkish blue.

On the Home Support page (hsupport.html) the table is one big image. You are losing potential keywords by using an image rather than textual content which search engines could use. Keywords such as "virus removal", "Web Design" etc.

Also, your text on each locations page (Chelmsford, Witham etc) are all the same text on all page with only the location changed. It's likely to be counted as dupe content, probs not get penalised for it but you could write different text for each one and get a few additional keywords on there.

Nice site though, easy to navigate, read and no major annoyances I could find.
One small "annoyance" - I submitted a blank contact form (didn't touch a thing or even look at the questions) and I got

Thank You
your email has been submitted to AJLComputers, we will respond as quickly as possible.

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You have an interesting and simple design so in terms of looks, everything seems to be fine there. Breaking it up though, you may want to consider the following things:

Firstly the background, I noticed that it takes a while to load on slower connections. On closer inspection, it is all just one image. Have you tried splitting it up so the background loads in seperate bits making it load faster - or at least giving the impression that it does?

Secondly, you seem to have accounted for accessability in most parts of your code except probably for the most important bit - the main navigation. Have you tried imploying a similar method to the below?

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Hi, I like your website. The content is very well organized and easy to follow.
The top navigation is also clear and you can find all the required info very quickly.
The design is also very appealing to a new visitor; it looks professional and not overwhelming.
Very good job!

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I like it a lot.
It looks very professional and easy to use.
I like the color scheme and the design.
I hope you will have a great success with your web site.
God luck!

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I like the warm colour scheme, I find it inviting and comforting. The navigation menu is clear enough, even though it feels detached from the flow of elements. The site looks great very fresh and I like the pictures. However IE7 doesn't like it so much. Its a beautiful site, but I would advice adding a drop down on the navigation... your visitors should have immediate access to the information they are seeking!

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The website color scheme is very nice, but I do not like your menu, It's too big, square. Maybe you should try a new idea for the menu.

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