hi can anyone give me with ideas to improve our site set up in memory of our son Gary

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I agree that a nicer title would be good. A graphic with a special font would work just fine. I also agree about the spelling/grammar. Just plug your text into a word processor and check the spelling - Word 97 will help you with grammar too.

It would be really nice if you didn't have to have that tripod ad on there. Ask your internet service provider about getting webspace from them - a lot of internet access plans have free webspace. If yours doesn't, your ISP may even give you free space anyway for this special purpose.

I think your design should give a better impression of who your son was. Since he was a football fan, maybe you could use the colours of his favourite team and/or a clipart image of a football.

I don't mind the "next" style navigation. It could work for this purpose - just telling a story. If you are going to use that sort of navigation, though, your content should flow a little better from page to page. I kind of felt like I was jumping all over the place.

I would make the font size a little smaller (the text on the third page is a good size). It would be a good idea to fix it so that there is no scrolling on any of the pages - using the default font size would probably accomplish that.

I was kind of skimming the text as I went along, and I didn't see any mention of how Gary died. It might be painful for you to talk about, but random visitors (people who don't know you) would want to know.