Feedback/comments on 'Wedding Styles'- my first e-commerce site

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Hello everyone this is my first forum on this page, i am student at Algonquin college Ottawa,Ontario,
as part of my course i had created a e-commerce website(link provided below) using Shopify and would like to have feedback suggestions and comments on that,your suggestions are important to me.

Thank you and i would really appreciate it!
Wedding Styles...

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I like the brightness of the site.

Some suggestions;
- the menu takes up more space than it requires
- some white space near the bottom of the homepage could be trimmed
- product images could be a similar size so they and their text align nicer

Good luck!

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It's really good.
And it's well organised .
Each things are very clear and in detailed.
Good work......

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I like its layout

but why you are using logo on a background?

remove background at your logo and make a better one for your logo, It will be more impressive. - Internet Marketing Forum

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I'm going to point out problems here. Please don't take this as negative, just things you could improve based on my opinion Smiling as this will help you learn with your course (hopefully)

It is easy to use and get around, and is smart and clean for sure.
There's a lot of white/empty space, and while it's definitely required, do consider that too much can equally be a problem (boring, uninviting, etc).

Navigation menu is bland. Consider some colour or design element to it. Or make it stand out some how.

The logo is too large - easy to confuse it with images of items you sell, and takes up too much vertical screen estate.
Suggest making it "a little" smaller, and some finishing design i.e. make it feel like a logo

Don't think you should have this.
You only have a few items, and search is better when item names are known, e.g. On a supermarket website it's obvious to search for "bacon, eggs, bread, offers, etc".
On your site it's highly unlikely visitors would get search results.

Given the items you sell are "special", you'd probs be better removing the search and making it really easy and pleasurable to "browse" through your items.
No-one in a major rush to buy wedding items.

Just a little niggle, but "Only the wealthy can afford a Event Planner, but this couldn't be further from the truth." is a contradiction.
You could have something like "People think that only the wealthy can afford a Event Planner, but this ... etc".
(should also be "an" Event Planner)

You have a blog with 1 post. This could be disappointing to visitors. Consider waiting until you have more before making it live.

Given what you sell, images are ultra important. I want bigger images but you don't provide them.
Just hovering makes them "drag" around, clicking does nothing (expected bigger view).
(And the image on "Beauty" is a badly scaled image)

When I add an item to the cart, it's enough you increase the cart items in the top bar, and that I can easily click on the cart to go there.
The HUGE dropdown is a bit intrusive. If you want this to remain, at least make it more clear how to get rid of it (the small X seemed like it might remove an item).


As said, this is just my opinion. Generally I like it and with a few tweaks it could be really smart.

Hope that helps Smiling

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