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My website is needing a professional designers review, if you visit my Dundee web design which is developed in XHTML, CSS, Javascript and Flash.

I have been making this website for a long time, but the page never reaches high in PR.

What areas have I not done correct?

Thanks John at Qintro

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PR is down to quality external links more than any other thing. And is not really a major concern in terms of getting visitors or getting high in search results.
It has nothing to do with the design. Errors in code can have an affect, if you limit Google with bad HTML or something else.

Initial thought is the site is nice. Clean and fresh looking, easy on the eye and simple enough to navigate around and see the content.

You should remove all the links you have to the homepage throughout your page text. This is pointless to humans and may get you penalised with search engines.
IF nothing else it's annoying as they just link to the homepage and nothing to do with the anchor text.

The list of your services on the homepage (under title "Website Design Service in Dundee and Angus") doesn't need any bold in them. They are short keyword type descriptions of what you provide, no need to highlight them.

The links in the text under the title "Internet Services" need to be removed.
Not only am I already on the homepage, so pointless for humans, but search engines may not like them either as it's too many internal links linking to the same page (and on the page they link to).

And you do this on all pages. This is a bad idea, and you really need to remove these links immediately. You also need to be very careful using a block of text that is nothing but keywords. You have this under the title "Web Design Service" on most all pages. Search engines may well see this as keyword stuffing and penalise you for it.

Keywords are taken from within your page text, and don't need to be "stuffed" somewhere as a list of keywords. You might find your rank goes up by just removing them from the block of keywords. You already have these keywords within the page text.

What's the bit about not being professional?

Being non-professional, the full web package is FREE.

We are specialists in professional styled website design


You use the word "professional" to describe the company in most of the pages. Graphics, SEO etc. But on the homepage you state you are not professional?
I'm just put off straight away by reading it.
I know many people want stuff for free, or virtually nothing, but to claim you are non-professional and therefore free makes people think they'll not only get a bad job, but as they are paying nothing, they wont get a decent level of service or quality guarantee.

Ahh, now I get to this bit...

Qintro are involved with web design solely for amusement and not as a profession, the term amateur covers those who do not earn a living from the work. BUT every cloud has a silver lining, although Qintro web designers are in the amateur bracket and not earning a living as in professional terms, you benefit in that our web design service to Dundee and Angus is 100% free !!! and with professional quality.

In a short period on the same page, you have told me, in this order, you are non-professional, skilled, making designs and sites for amusement, professional, amateur and then professional again.
Now I just leave the site, even just as someone giving a critique....

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Thats me off to fix that now, its not easy dealing with boredom in web design, every other day im changing text ... well ... off to change it again.

Thanks for those points, it seemed daft at the time putting those multi (/) links in but thought it would help in link text collected at Google.

Back later in the day.

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Well, now I've read your other post regarding you admitting you use black hat, I suppose it figures you tried that.

Seriously, read about some decent quality techniques on how to promote websites. Forget the black hat and spam techniques like stuffing keywords in the site, it'll get you penalised or banned sooner or later.

In fact, all those spammy keywords may well be the reason your PR has not gone up.

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First of all, you should really get rid of all that keyword spam. That could get you penalized in search engines. If nothing else they'll just ignore it. Also watch that your keyword density doesn't get so high to look spammy. I'm not sure what the threshold would be there but there does seem to be an awful lot of certain phrases.

From a design perspective, this look okay. I find the blurry header graphic to be a bit distracting. The absence of a logo is also rather strange. I gather from reading the text that this company is called Qintro but there's no logo to indicate that.

The home page is very text-heavy (even minus all the keyword spam). Much of the text doesn't read well for a human - it sounds very made for search engines. It would be nice to see some graphics here, like screenshots of recent work. Speaking of recent work, where is your portfolio??

Remember that the goal of the site is to get people to hire you. If you're going overboard in targeting search engines you're probably going to have trouble with conversions. To help with conversions, make sure it's easy for people to contact you. Where is the contact page, anyway? At the end of each of your services pages you could have a call-out that invites people to contact you for a quote.

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Whew ... ive been at about 5 different sites trying to dig out all my methods from the dark side.

Have you any idea how much there is to clean out ??

I have been taking out lots of (/) links on home pages and ...... hey the list is so long I need to just leave the story at that.

At the moment I just popped in to see whats new and **** yip there we go again more, now in Dundee there are lots of Dundee web designers using these methods of phrases, so although im very very thankful for your thoughts on that, im going to need to miss that part out just for now ... maybe later in the year if nothing else works then i'll try it.

The blurry header came from being more interested in setting up spammy text ... just a version of a small side graphic and some over text effect to do god knows what...

As for a Qindex logo, yet again im stuck in the spammy text area again only this time im in reverse and trying to clear it out. So soon i'll get a logo put in.

Recent work ? what recent work ?

Ive only ever made a website for one business, my page for three years has never used any bandwidth. My hosting company felt sorry for me and gave me next year free.

Now ... Graphics is what i like ... but have not had the time to sit and do any one this site. That im going to get onto soon.

Im not sure what to make of all the conversions and click-throughs I get from my Google analytics ... how will a contact page increase the conversion rate ???

Tell you what though, im happy to have read this so far so instead of hanging around here im off to fix a few bit before bedtime.

Ps if you have time give me your thoughts on my http://www.pixeland.co.uk/

That you loads and loads.
Back soon for another look.

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I would really like to see some color on the pages! It seems quite dull and drab.

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I hate to say it but until the keyword stuffing on the page is cleaned out your rank is going no place. I think you may want to take another look at the content on the site. It really needs to be written in a normal way. Those robots like to see things that talk the way people do.

Right now it talks like a robot trying to make as many sentences it can with keywords and then it throws them in with no need to get any point across.

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There is a typo on the Graphic Design page:

"Creative Visual Communication, Logo and Typographic's"

Extraneous apostrophe alert! The word 'typography' would read better.

I actually like the monochrome minimalism of it, but I used to typeset and design books for living. There's nothing wrong with a little colour.

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Hi John. As a website designer in Dundee my self, I will give you a little advice about your site. Put your name in the banner. It is changing all the time and dosnt say to the viewer who you are. Also dont faf around telling people you do xhtml css and javascript. People dont have a clue what these things are and frankly they dont care.

Read my website content and learn from my positions

1st (as im sure you already know) for
website designer Dundee

7th Google UK
website designer

I used to do the same thing as you are doing many years ago but it just didnt get me anywhere. Get good links to your site from good forums and good website design blogs and drop all the links to your home page except for the one that actualy is supposed to be there and eventually you will get right up top like me.

Like i said up there, i used to do as you are doing now but it dose not work, no matter what people tell you.

Barry Mitchell (BWD)

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1 more thing, consider google to be like your old english teacher, it hates bad grammar.

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