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Hi all,

this critique request is part of my course requirements, my professor wishes me to experience evaluation input not from a scholarly level, but from a peer and professional level.Here is my website url:

Thank you very much


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The site has no design, just text. Very difficult to understand what the site has to offer. Menu needs to be more clear. To make it look professional, each page should have the same look and feel.

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has an "amateurish" look-and-feel, ie like early 1990s websites. there are spelling mistakes (see spelling of bazaar in About Us page, dollar in Service Providers page). The intro blurb needs to have more buzz to it. At first read, its difficult to figure out what the site is actually for. the site needs a logo which should be repeated on each page. a side bar should contain links to each important page of the site.

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There's not that much to critique here, there's no real design and I agree with other people that it looks very 1990s.

The site is a little more complete than others I've seen from students at your college. It seems you prefer to code than design, which is fine, it's good to know your strengths and weaknesses.

The code is mostly valid, just one, little error. There are a lot of redundant styles in there, for example:

.style11 {color:#FF0000;font-szie:16}
.style12 {color:#FF0000;font-szie:16}
.style13 {color:#FF0000;font-szie:16}
.style14 {color:#FF0000;font-szie:16}
.style15 {color:#FF0000;font-szie:16}
.style16 {color:#FF0000;font-szie:16}
.style17 {color:#FF0000;font-szie:16}
.style18 {color:#FF0000;font-szie:16}
.style19 {color:#FF0000;font-szie:16}
.style20 {color:#FF0000;font-szie:16}
.style21 {color:#FF0000;font-szie:16}
.style22 {color:#FF0000;font-szie:16}

Why would you do that? Also font-size is spelt incorrectly, and classes or ids should be named meaningfully. It seems this CSS was generated automatically by an editor, and it shows! Smiling

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I agree, the site has no color, no soul.

Without color, comes no life.

I think that some colors would make it much better and that the Keywords need a bit of work. But i am guessing that they are not quite needed at this stage.

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The site has little design. You could make a tabled design with a heading, sidebar, content, and footer with this code...

<table border="1" width="50%">
<td colspan="2"><h2>Heading</h2></td>
<td width="20%">sidebar
<li><a href="link.htm">Link 1</a></li>
<li><a href="link2.htm">Link 2</a></li>
<li>so on...</li>
<td colspan="2">Footer</td>

You can see the results of it
Here Along with other examples of how to do stuff as well as a d/l of the basic layout.

Also to get the mousover effect for links your css would have this added into it. We will apply this to all links to change the color to red and add the underline on the mousover.

a {color:#0000ff;font-size:16px;text-decoration:none;}
a:hover {color:#ff0000;font-size:16px;text-decoration:underline;}

Hope this helps.

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I feel you should improve your site's design. It has only content.

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A website needs to have a nice design, and to be easy access. This means that i should be able to navigate around the website with ease, aswel as having some good content.

This is a good way to attract search engines and to keep or gain some good ratings.

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Designing a site can be a very complex task. The site obviously needs more content. And just think of it in an advertising view point. It needs to keep people interested, informed and entertained. So my suggestion would be to break down the sections of the website and individually combat informing while educating the masses. You need stimulating visual communications to go along with the written text. Hope this helps.

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As as been said, the site is little more than text and some alignment. Its definetly not attractive, and its kinda bad when people have seen kids geocities websites and myspaces that look to have had more work put into them.

even the text colors chosen kinda suck and might be hard to see on some peoples computers that have (albeit) crappy brightness/contrast settings.

If you want the site to grab peoples attention it needs a complete overhaul and some sort of styling done to it.

I guess you didnt design it as a very serious website or anything, so maybe it does exactly what you wanted it do with the least amount of effort you could do.

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