Critique My Website Please

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I've created a logo, some content, and attempted to design my new roadside assistance website. Tell me your suggestions, thanks.

Here is one of my excerpts of the site: - Roadside Assistance Providers -

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I think that you're on the right track, however, there are a few details that I would change.

1. I find the background image to be a little disorienting and ultimately just distracting. I find myself focusing more on the background image then the websites content, especially when you are scrolling down the page.

2. This may be because you haven't finished the website, but when i go to the pages that have the icons in the large icons in the middle of the page (tire icon), I don't understand what they mean?

3. If you plan on using a background image i suggest that you make it large enough to not get cutoff on larger screens.

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Thanks for your critique. I'm working really hard to improve for mobile too. I've taken note of your notes, thanks!

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I like the site. I found it very straight forward and easy to understand. I liked the way you broke down the services and memberships.

My only suggestion would be to make the site wide format as opposed to the "box" look which I think dates the site.


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Thanks Gene, I was wondering a lot about keeping the opened frame rather than the site wide. I'm considering converting back! Thanks for the wonderful suggestion.

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