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Hi guys,

I'm working on my new product site for Creately, a online diagraming tool like Visio.

The website for the product is ready for review and I would really appreciate it if you could send through your thoughts on the design and efficacy of the site.

The site is : You can also sign up for the beta is you want to try out the application.

Any ideas for more content to improve understanding of the product/attract traffic would also help.

Thanks in advance.


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Personally, I think it is a great looking site aesthetically. It seems to be an easy form of navigating through it, so that’s a big plus. The color scheme is nice and isn’t hard on the eyes like so many sites out there these days. LOL

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I would echo some of the previous comments regarding colour assortment. It is not aggressive and eye pleasing. The navigation bar, buttons, and links are easy to find and straight forward. Highlighting key phrases in the text helps bring the reader's attention to summary information about the paragraph. Very clever. The colour you chose for the highlighting of key phrases is subtle and not distracting to the reader. I like navigation bars like yours that indicate where you are in the Web site. No need for bread crumbs. Finally, the product description is very professional and descriptive.

There are few changes you might want to consider. The name for the product is not very descriptive of what the product does. Also, and I am not an expert, but I am not sure how marketable "Creatly" really is. Perhaps adding a few words under the logo would help: "Flow charts and diagrams anywhere". You phrase it perfectly in your message for this post "... Creately, an online diagramming tool like Visio". I immediately chose your site to review because I love Visio (but too poor to own it) and diagramming tools in general. Perhaps there are legal reasons why you can't use the word "Visio" (and knowing Microsoft, I am almost certain that there is) in your product description. Finally, I would personally not capitalize "from Flowcharts to Computer Networks. Easy, Collaborative and Smart" that appears on your home page. It is not a title and find the capitalization confusing.

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I really like the site design, especially the top navigation bar. It really brings the "creativity" point home.

Reading the title, I seem to have a different take on it.

From reading the left column, this seemed to be the asset that stood out to me most:

"Access anywhere

No Software Downloads, No Installs. Draw and Design right in your browser"

Imo, I think having something similar to this would be more effective, to me personally as a new visitor to the site:

"Draw Diagrams & Designs

Straight from Your Internet Browser"

The version that you have right now is nice and descriptive, but to me it does seem a little too long. Just another perspective to think about.

Good luck!

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Very clean site, albeit the text jumps out a little too far. At least for me, I'd change the sites font to a little more elegant. I'm not a fan of the Georgia or Times New Roman fonts on websites.

The color scheme is very nice, and the site definitely draws me in. Good job. Smiling

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This site is great but I think for a product such as this you may want to make some aspects of it broader in scope.

I think for starters you put all of your information on a single page.
Like with the tour; all of the elements of the application is right there on that one page, I would consider taking the audience deeper into the creately experience. Also I found myself distracted by the blank space on the sides of the page, maybe you could have a sidebar to navigate through segments like the tour and registration. Creately is actually a very interesting tool, it would let a user work on design schematics while in transit, as if on the way to meeting of while on vacation.

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The site look pretty cool to me.Very neat and clean and looks quite creative. It loaded fast and didn't have any problem with anything.

I didn't like the font collaboration, otherwise everything is ok for me.However, this is just my point..

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I agree, the first thing that hit me was the font, it just doesnt look right Maybe a bit more space between the title and first line/video and a slightly smaller title font? otherwise its first class, loads quick, looks great.

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I like the clean design and simplicity of the site, as well as the pleasing colors scheme. The only nitpicky thing I would mention is that the logo and navbar text are in sans-serif fonts, but the body text is serif. This might be fine, but a sans serif font, like Arial, in the body might present a more cohesive image.

Sounds like a ge=reat concept. I might eventually use it myself, since diagramming software is rather expensive, and most people probably don't need to use it often enough to justify buying it.

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Hello charan, as an engineering instructor teaching some drawing subjects, I am more interested on what the site offered than the website design. I signed up for the free trial. One thing I noticed though, I find it hard to find the links, like "sign up for beta", "take a tour", and "sign up for free". I suggest you make your free offer easier to get.

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Yes, what the site is offering looks really good. I also signed up. But as RTFVerterra has also mentioned, I found it difficult to sign up to the Beta testing.

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Clean and business-like appearance. It's actually better than most software websites I've been looking at recently, and inspires confidence in the product.

Like the way you've placed plenty of internal links on the home page, but by sticking them towards the bottom, the page doesn't look cluttered.

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I am checking out this site as a class project for e-commerce. I am to provide critique for at least one of the buisness listing here. I must say, I am very impressed with "Creately" as you seem to have followed the recommendations from our text book on web design. All the links on your site that I tried worked great, you have provided contact information, listed the security measures taken, and provided a nice lay out. One thing I did notice, or not, was that on the home page, the sample diagrams weren't that eye catching. They didn't jump out and get my attention, but that's just me. All in all, I like it.

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