Accepting Critiques For My New Web Design

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Ok, so I've put some real time into this website & I believe that there are still changes to be made. I'd love it if some of you inspectors took a minute to critique it and tell me how I could improve on what I have created so far. I don't consider myself a professional, but I have been working with web designing for the better part of 15 years as a hobby. Built this site with a bunch of customized CSS. I have changed it several times, since I launched it (I'm very indecisive).

I'm hoping to get some design pointers on what I have done and maybe any suggested changes to make the design flow more consistent. I have made about 20 different versions of the home page. The current home page got the most thumbs up but I still would like to spruce it up a little.

The website's design is still a work in progress, however I will take on board all comments made. If you have any suggestions for improvement, let me know. I won't be offended. I know it's far from perfect.

Thanks for looking!

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i like your website its pretty clean theme and fluid mobile friendly i like it 4/5

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1. Title is “Home” instead of keyword.
2. Like the CTA “Order Mangoes Online” – I would add that as a button or CTA in the header.
3. Missing Meta Description. Google likes this to determine search query snippets.
4. Buy Mangoes Online in India … text is very hard to read – make the text box a white background and make the text more skimmable.
5. Don’t need such a big Facebook and Instagram preview box. Use them to highlight pictures and visuals, but they take conversions away.

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It looks very trendy and clean, I like it. Very nice font, I must add. Good choice of colors. Carousel is also very nice inclusion. Contact page is informative and simple. I don't like "call for price" feature - you should have your prices on-site, transparent. Shopping cart is very straightforward and simple to use. Logo is eye-catching and good looking. All in all, your website is very, very good, congratulations from me, and keep working on adding stuff every day. Wink

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I should agree that your site looks and works really good. I like it! Great job!

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From my perspective your site is fast loading with a great design. Good job.

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