Uptime: 365 Days(!) 00:35:49

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Oh snap!


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Wow, that's quite an accomplishment!

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Congrats Smiling

The max for me on a production server was around 450 days. Then one day, the load average went to 80 and I had to restart Sad I never figured out what caused the spike (load average never was higher than 2)

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What version and/or term settings you use to get the pretty color version, htop for me is not in color.


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That's interesting because on the project's website, it shows it in color. Do you have a local config file in ~/.htoprc that overrides the settings? Mine is just a vanilla installation on a CentOS box. I compiled it from source. The deb package on all my Ubuntu machines use the same colors.

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Very Impressive Stats...

I have not seen such good stats before.

Even working within a Information Technology Department; i have seen various servers; (Including; web servers) having to be Re-Booted on a frequent basis.

Very good job! Smiling

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