Strange Website Redirect issue. Please help!

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I am a web developer, and I am experiencing a very strange and maddening problem. My client's website:, is having redirect issues. Try clicking on any link. I get the error:

The page isn't redirecting properly
This problem can sometimes be caused by disabling or refusing to accept cookies.

Can anyone please give me a lead on how to fix this? I am using wordpress on a normal linyx server. I checked my .htaccess file and my header file. I tried reinstalling wordpress. It just doesnt make any sense! To make things worse, the problem is intermittent. Clearing your cache fixes the problem temporarily, but the problem happens again when you restart your browser. This makes me think it must have something to do with cookies. Thanks in advance.

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is it meant to spam or what?i clicked the link of the site you mentioned and its working fine.I didnt get any error

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All pages are working fine, i just opened a website and click on inner pages of website and all pages are working fine, are you trying to increase click through forums then you are increasing bounce rate of your website, it will lower down your ranking

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I think it is working well, If you are facing some problems may it would be due to some setting of your browser. You can check options of your browser may be you dissable java or some thing else like this.

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