RIP Geocities

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Geocities is gone as of today. Today's XKCD just about sums it up:

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Wow, another retired legacy. I remember Geo Cities was probably the first "Get a free website" option out there (if you didn't mind annoying ads). Everybody had one for a while.

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Yea, It's really sad to see them go. Imagine the internet before twitter, youtube, myspace, hell even google. RIP old friend. D:

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I remember when i got the email.

I was like.. Oh, great now i have to move files.

Did not really bother me to much since i now have my own hosting servers but i did lose some college work.... That i did not really need anymore.. But heck Smiling

Yahoo GeoCities... Blimey, i had a account years ago Smiling

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I used it as my webhosting for images for years. Was sad to see it go as well. Its not much different with the Yahoo takeover though. You still get the same amount of image hosting. The links have changed but the look is the same and operations are similar.

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It was my first free webhosting.
i had one hosted at them Smiling)
So it is gone, anyway those annoying ads were ugly, ans the space was small, anyway it was free Smiling

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RIP. I used Geocities when I was about 10 years old!

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