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Hi, I've been umeployed and it doesn't seem to be getting better. I've taken a few classes in web designing and I was hooked from then on. I did not complete my degree, I know my way around a computer and the internet very well. Obviously, I have a lot of time on my hands which got me to thinking can I start up a little business creating websites for consumers/businesses. I have the passion without a doubt, but I do not have a degree. On the other hand I am determined to get whatever information I need to help me achieve this goal. I know I also don't live in a bubble and think because I want to do it everything will fall into place. There are so many questions am I knowledgeable enough? Can a person really own a small business with this concept? Is this a pipe dream considering I didn't finish my degree? Thanks

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Is Bill Gates completed his University study? Not really. The main thing is your determination on getting your thing success. You may just started up with your website and proceed with website designing jobs! Don't let go your passion while it is burning hot.

I am not saying having a degree certificate is a waste. Some people needs a certificate to gain confident, but some not. I am the person who need certificate for confident.

Since you have the talent, you can just start your own business. If you find you need a cert in future, you can always take a part-time course.

All the best to you! Smiling

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tyb1769 wrote:
... Is this a pipe dream considering I didn't finish my degree? Thanks

If you go for a job, your prospective employer will ask about your degree.

If you contact prospective customers, they will ask what can you do.

Try to get a few websites under your belt, for family, friends, or personal contacts, before approaching strangers. Then you have a portfolio to show.

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