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Hi Everyone!

Desperately need your help with our joomla site. Basically we have resources (white papers, checklists, etc.) that only registered users can access/download OR visitors that fill out a form.
We need:
- A form that allows them to either register (create a password) or just fill out the form (no need of a password)
- Send user info to Salesforce when a new user registers or fills out a form.
- Track using a data field with the resource they were on when they registered or filled out the form (in other words, track which resource motivated them to register). Could be a hidden field in the form.
- Upload a CSV file with our current clients with a username & password so that they don´t have to register.
- Integrate with our marketing email platform (currently looking for one btw- any suggestions greatly appreciated!) assigning users to the correct mailing list per their selection in the form. (not as necesary if we can download manually and filter through a data field)

Any method/plugin/extensions you could recommend? Would it be best to find an advanced form plugin or a catalog type of extension? If so, which ones?


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The best solution to this is to create your own extension for Joomla about your requirement. There is no extension that can cater all your needs. Some extensions might need modifications to work out according to your requirements.

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