I want a website Idea

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I want a website that can make me a profit of $50-60 /month. But i dont know what should be the topic of the website. Please help me.

P.S: If you dont wanna help then dont post foolish comments.

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Pick a topic that you know something about. It could be anything - a hobby or interest, something you studied in school. We can't tell you what the topic should be - it has to be something you're really interested in otherwise you'll lose interest.

Do some research to see what other sites are writing about this topic. Narrow down to a good niche that you know about but not too many others are writing about. Try to put a unique twist on it so people will find your site interesting.

Now create a site and start writing. Write good, interesting, informative content that will do well in search engines. You could also do a photo or graphic site instead of written. Even a collection of photos or videos from other sources might work as long as they've got some sort of topical focus.

Then put up some google adsense (this really only works if your topic is not about technology, web development, video games etc.) Work to optimize your google ads so they target as well as possible and receive the best click throughs.

It might take awhile but with some work I'm thinking you could reach your target of $50-$60/month.

One way to get ideas for topics would be to use StumbleUpon and observe the sites that come up. You enter topics that you are already interested in and you will see sites that are related to that topic. The sites that come up are there because someone liked them enough to "stumble" them. If you want to make money you have to be able to generate some interest from other people.

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I agree. You might get some one suggest you say weight lifting or health but if you have no real interest in those fields you are going to find it more difficult.

A large part of making money is having visitors, and having visitors depends on content. Go for a topic you can create a lot of content about or one you can create on great product on.

Hope this helps.

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Have you thought about purchasing a website that is already up and running... it will require a little bit of an investment but you can get a good site for a few hundred bucks that are already generating somewhat of an income.

Google "Websites For Sale"

All the best!

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Ideas are dime a dozen, implementation is what pays off.

If you really want ideas I would suggest that you research linkbait,
linkbaiting, copywriting, etc. You are certain to find some inspiration
in that research. If you just want to earn and dont care about the
type of site or it's content, you could look into the darker side of SEO, (see sig).

good luck,

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Bompa is right. "Ideas are a dime a dozen".

If you want some ideas, head over to www.biziden.com and click "website" in the "new" column. Theres like 20 ideas for websites that don't exist and people are always adding more.

If you want ideas for businesses or inventions, they do some of that too.

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try Squidoo also, before I started launching a website....I acid test the "product idea" on Squidoo

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i will suggest you for content writing and article writing, hire people online who work for you, deal with different firms who can get your services, this is really profitable thing now a days.. but it will take little time that people get know about your website. promote your website first,...

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